Dominic "Pariah" Salvatore

Fifth Motif/Dollshe
Head Sculpt:
Pure pale tan
Dollshe 18M Pure
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Head arrived November 2nd, 2015, body arrived April 1st, 2016
    Direct from Dollshe and Fifth Motif
    Reason for choice:
    Those expressive hands, that face! His scowl just kills me (in a good way?)
    Best Points:
    Body poses really well - he's stable enough to stand on one foot.
    Worst Points:
    I need more!! T_T
    Initially, when I saw the Venitu sculpt I hated it. The stock photos were not great. But after seeing so many amazing owner photos, I was determined to get one for myself. Having a local with one in pale tan cemented the idea of his overall looks to me and I was HOOKED. He has since become one of my favourites, and also one of my most personal dolls. There's a lot of me in him, he's not just the personification of the Future in my story, but he is also the personification of my anxiety.
  • Eyes:
    Handmade by me!
    Black wig is handmade by me, brown dreadlocks made by Wixana Wiggova
    Favourite colours:
    Key fashion accessory:
    Skull and bullet necklaces
  • Name story:
    It just sort of came to me...his real name took me a while to figure out, but I got there in the end.
    Character age:
    Unknown, appears to be in his 20s
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Story universe: Divorsus

    Pariah is one half of a Dual; a pair of people, seemingly unrelated, who are in effect, siblings. His Dual-pair is that of time, and he is the Future personified. He has the ability to time travel forward to any point within the future, regardless of how far ahead it is. That said, nothing in the future is set in stone, so there are hundreds of possibilities. He enters the future by going into a trance-like state, whereby his physical body goes into a sort of stasis, and he appears as a ghostly entity within the future. He is able to choose whether people can see him or not in this form, and he can interact with objects, even bringing them back to the present. Iselilja is his other half, and is his tie to the present.

    Pariah is an aggressive, intimidating, and unpleasant person, who really just wants to be left alone. Or punch you in the face. Probably both. He's moody and unpredictable, traits not helped by his addictions to alcohol, caffeine, and not-so-legal drugs. He is a deeply anxious person, and will hide this to great effect. He's brash and outspoken, and very much a punch first, ask questions later sort of person. That said, behind closed doors, his anxiety often overwhelms him to breaking point. Iselilja is instrumental in helping him through these times, just as he is always there to comfort Iselilja when his own mental illnesses get too much. While they do argue and annoy each other with their habits, they need each other for stability. He "studies" history along with Iselilja at the local university, and works part time as a barista in a small, but bustling cafe. In his free time, he'll play video games and get into bar fights, or retreat into the secret room in the attic of their little townhouse and sit amongst his collections of books and plants.

    Story universe: Of Gods and Monsters

    Pariah is their drummer, known to the rest of the band as Anathema. He keeps to himself, mostly because he seems unapproachable to the rest of them.


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