Dr. Jiffy

Head Sculpt:
Light Rose White
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Withdoll (with freckles)
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    September 10, 2020
    Direct from company
    Reason for choice:
    Fell in love with Alex's pouty face and alpaca suit back when the doll was first released but I was wary of the white suit and so I passed on buying one. Of course, that in no way stopped me from naming them Popcorn and deciding they will be a drama llama, which worked extremely well when Withdoll re-released him sooner than expected.

    Instead of it taking a year, Withdoll re-released their alpacas a few months later but with the option for brown skin and a brown costume. Obviously I took it as a sign from the Universe and bit the bullet!
    Best Points:
    Everything. I adore their little pouting face (a weakness of mine for sure) and I adore the outfit (Alpaca!!!)
    Worst Points:
    At the moment I have no complaints on it's construction.
  • Eyes:
    For My Doll
    Fashion style(s):
    The suit is all that is needed.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Purse full of popcorn for snacking
  • Name story:
    Full name is: Dr. Jiffington Popperson the IV

    NGL, it's all just one big popcorn and drama llama joke because it amuses me greatly.

    Nickname is Jiffy because of Jiffy Pop popcorn. I may keep adding additional titles and jobs as time goes on, mostly just because I can, and because it's funny.
    Character age:
    Ageless entity that takes the form of a child between the ages of 6 and 10
    Character gender:
    No one is quite sure / no one notices that Jiffy is only ever referred to as Jiffy or They/Them
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    • Dr. Jiffington Popperson the IV •

    Duke of Orville. Curator of the Famed Redenbacher Archives. PhD in Ancient Memes. High Chanceller of the Most Sacred and Secret Order of The Lulz. Creator and Host of the Webby winning advice Podcast Save Your Drama for Our Llama! and Esteemed Celebrity Expert for various syndicated daytime talk shows (Canada and the US).

    • Universe Details / Behind the Scenes•
    (This doll is the most fleshed out character of nigh anything I own. Everything else? Vague concepts )

    Dr. Jiffy lives in a world where people let a child in an alpaca suit give relationship and conflict resolution advice. In actuality, Jiffy is an eldritch creature who has decided to be perceived in the least sinister form ever: a child of indeterminate age and gender in an alpaca suit.

    Dr. Jiffy can and has been seen in a variety of formats, from their stints as a weekly online advice columnist, to their YouTube and Spotify podcast, 10 seasons of the Fox Courtroom serial Judge Jiffy and their regular appearances on TV as a relationship expert and interpersonal conflict guru.

    Dr Jiffy is everywhere, and no one can escape them. But somehow, 90% of the population likes, loves or adores Jiffy in some way. About 4% are ambivalent. 2% think Jiffy is a shit stirring dangerous asshole, and those people wouldn't be wrong! Another 2% are a totally confused as to how a child became an expert at conflict resolution, but they would never deny that Jiffy gives great council and has a proven track record.

    The last 1% are wise to the fact that Jiffy feeds on the drama and chaos brought to them and those same people are often the ones that notice and question the suit or the fact that this kid hasn't aged in a decade. Needless to say, they don't last very long (Jiffy eats them) when they do.

    Jiffy can simultaneously be on multiple live shows and multiple locations at once with none the wiser - and again the unfortunate souls who do wise up, are promptly dealt with. And Jiffy likes to play with their prey.

    Jiffy is older than humanity itself and has really taken to modern life. Embracing celebrity, Jiffy ensures that the majority of the world cannot and will not ever question their existence, giving them the perfect access to what feeds them : drama, chaos and conflict of all kinds. Also, despite the suit being an Alpaca, everyone refers to them as a Llama.

    Occasionally Jiffy becomes bored, which results in them lowering their perception filter for a specific individual as a game to pass the time. Occasionally Jiffy does this while on live television. No one but the targeted human is any wiser, and Jiffy thrives on that chaos!


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