Dr. Julian Devorak

Dika Doll/ Loong Soul
Head Sculpt:
Normal Yellow/ Normal
Loong Soul 80 cm
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Loong Soul
    Date of acquisition:
    10/2017; 01/25/20
    Alice's Collections for the head, body purchased from Elfvan88 on the marketplace
    Reason for choice:
    Just a gorgeous sculpt I couldn't say no to.
    Best Points:
    Lush mouth, anime-like pointed nose and ever so slightly pointed ears, body is huge but not too heavy, poses nicely, great joints
    Worst Points:
    Stringing, even putting on his head is a right royal pain with how thick and tight his strings are
    Julian is from the mobile game The Arcana and is one of the six love interests. He's tall, fun, rakish and smart and I feel for him hard the first time I played this game. This doll was originally just a head I got because I loved the sculpt but I never fully bonded with him so he sat in bubble wrap. When someone in my local circle said they were thinking of making a Lucio I thought hey, my Floyer could make a decent Julian. Since re-naming and re-characterizing him I've truly bonded with this doll and finally got him a body.
  • Eyes:
    Custom pair of acrylic eyes from TheSecretArtStudio
    Auburn Angora comissioned from Sophy Molly
    Favourite colours:
    Fashion style(s):
    Anything moody or mischievous
    Key fashion accessory:
  • Name story:
    Tis his name
    Character age:
    early 30's?
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Like all the Arcana characters Julian has a rich backstory. Adopted with his sister Portia by a former pirate captain after they were shipwrecked he grew up in the seaside bath town of Nevivion. He's already got a laundry list of accomplishments including learned to be proficient in seven languages, traveling to most corners of the world as a medic to soldiers and pirates and spending a good couple of years working for and putting up with Count Lucio. He did his best to cure the Red Plague as it ravaged Vesuvia and even succumbed to the disease himself.
    He seems to have found a cure as he survived it when all other did not. But the memory of this cure got rubbed out along with the memory of what happened to him the night Count Lucio was murdered. Julian was arrested, accused and even confessed but slipped his bonds before the execution and spent three years on the lam.
    He's returned to Vesuvius now; and along with the PC apprentice intends to find out whether his is a cold blooded murderer or not. If not he will bring the true killer to justice, and if so then he'll take his punishment without protest. It going to involve way more magic and hooky stuff than he expected so the apprentice's help proves absolutely invaluable. And depending on the PC's choices he will find a good reason to fight for a future he thought didn't exist for him.
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