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Edward Elric

Head Sculpt:
Normal Skin
Special Automail "Edward Elric" Tiny Fairy body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Jan. 16th, 2015
    Because of the limited nature and age of the doll it's hard to prove legitimacy as he predates authenticity papers. I did purchase him from a reputable Den of Angels member (Banma), and upon inspection have determined that this particular sculpt would be nearly impossible to counterfeit because of the way the grey resin and normal skin resin are joined. Also the doll is over 10 years old and still in amazing shape, which would not be the case for a recast from that time period.
    Reason for choice:
    As soon as I saw Ed, I knew that I needed one, and I waited for almost 10 years for one to pop up on the marketplace. I saw several come and go but could not afford them, back in 2005, but I couldn't let Ed pass me by again.
    Best Points:
    I love the detail on the automail parts. They look very similar to the arm and leg from early into the Full Metal Alchemist manga series, and the automail leg is actually double-jointed, which is a unique feature in so old a doll.
    Worst Points:
    Not a steady stander. The legs are not quite the same length, but I believe that is true for all of the older Bluefairy and Angelregion dolls that shared this body, minus the automail.
    The doll was sold to me with it disclosed as having a light all over sanding on the normal skin resin parts as part of a spa treatment, to deal with age related yellowing. He's not my first doll, but I think he is hands down the oldest of my crew.
  • Eyes:
    Custom Captured in Glass 16mm eyes with smaller iris.
    Blond wig, maker unknown, received with another doll purchase.
    Favourite colours:
    Red, Black
    Fashion style(s):
    Signature style, red and black, sleeveless t-shirt, red coat, chunky black boots.
    Key fashion accessory:
    His signature red coat, which I have yet to find or make. For now he has a red scarf.
    I picture Ed wearing a more modern wardrobe version of almost anything that he has worn in the movies, animes, or manga series. He has staples like the red coat, but his clothes change to suit his needs and environment. He usually has black chunky boots, and a black outfit under the red coat.
  • Name story:
    Ed is Edward Elric. He was never meant to be anything else.
    Character age:
    About 14.
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    My version of Ed is an alternate universe version who has slipped through a crack and come through to our world, by using the Alchemist's stone in trying to restore himself and his brother Alphonse.

    Based on research and canon for different FMA series, Ed speaks German, Latin, and Italian fluently, (magically knows Japanese due to reality differences when he landed in this world) and can read Chinese and speak it brokenly.
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