Head Sculpt:
Super Star Female Body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    5stardoll website
    Reason for choice:
    She is stunning, her face and body are so elegant and beautiful.
    Best Points:
    Her face and size. The faceup artist did a fantastic job, she is incredibly lovely. I also love that she is a bit smaller than my other MSD girl, but not too much smaller.
    Worst Points:
    When she sits, by default her torso leans back rather far and it's kind of obnoxious. Also, her joints aren't as possible as my other dolls.
    Elodie is a 5stardoll Elaine, and the first BJD I bought on my own off a doll site. I got her with the default faceup, and I honestly love everything about her (she reminds me a bit of a minifee looks wise). She is absolutely beautiful and I love her.
  • Eyes:
    Dreamy sparkly blue plastic eyes
    Always light pink, usually short and wavy
    Favourite colours:
    Pastels and light colors. Cream and yellow are her favorite!
    Fashion style(s):
    Elodie loves elegant clothes, and often learns towards lolita syles (either classic or cute, sometimes a mix of both). She also enjoys and sometimes wears Mori fashion.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Cute lolita dresses!
    Elodie is almost always done up in a lolita type style, whether it be classic or cute, she feels the most comfortable and happy wearing more elegant and dressy clothes. She often also ends up being a model for Harlow's creations, and is always happy (albeit a bit uncomfortable sometimes) to don whatever her friend has made for her. :)
  • Name story:
    As with most my dolls, found her name scouring a baby name website lol. I thought it was a lovely and feminine sounding name, suiting her perfectly.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Cis female
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Elodie (El-o-dee)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Date of Birth: March 19 (Pisces)

    Place of Birth: A rich, sprawling, fancy city (much like Singapore)

    Race: European (French decent)

    Occupation: Musician and sales clerk

    Current place of residence: A medium sized one bedroom apartment in a quiet part of the suburbs near downtown. The building is older, but very nice and secluded with a lot of greenery and rustic charm.

    Voice type (What it sounds like. If you like, list a voice actor who you think would best put life into your OC.): Light and sweet. Very feminine. Barely ever raises her voice, and even when she does, it's on the quiet side. Doesn't talk much around strangers but is much more talkative with friends and loved ones.

    Quirks, strange mannerisms, and/or annoying habits: Has a hard time keeping eye contact when she is nervous, and blushes super easily at too much praise and attention. It is surprisingly hard to make her cry, but when she does, it's intense and hard to stop. She has restless fingers, and likes to keep her hands busy to help keep her focus. She has a problem with being overly passive and let's people walk all over her.

    Education level: Very bookish, extremely book smart, and has a high IQ. She graduated early from highschool, and made it to college on a fully paid scholarship before dropping out.

    Hierarchy/social standing: Her family is very well off, but has distanced herself from them after abandonment/abuse issues and is living a more modest lifestyle.

    Hair color and type: Light peachy-pink. Grows it out occasionally, but prefers it to her chin. Wavy/curly.

    Eye color: Blue. Has trouble seeing, so she wears contacts (sometimes colored) or glasses.

    Skin tone: VERY pale white.

    Scars or physical deformities: None. In fact, her skin is so flawless it appears to sparkle, making others quite jealous.

    Mental illnesses: Has terrible anxiety when it comes to crowds/people/attention as well as high expectations places upon her.

    Height: 5'2"

    Weight: Slim and skinny.

    Body type: All around slight. Skinny, a bit short, and soft looking. Her most ample feature is her rear end, which she is conscious and slightly embarrassed of.

    Favorite color: She has a fondness of pastels, and yellow is her all time favorite color.

    Favorite food: Vegetable quiche, homemade apple pie, and spare ribs.

    Likes: Cute things, animals, cosplay, anime and video games (especially cute games like Animal Crossing or farming games), music and making music, pianos, lolita fashion, modeling for Harlowe (though Harlowe's enthusiam often embarrasses her), all kinds of dancing, her friends and family, sunrises (she is a morning person), quiet boat rides, and bowling (she is surprisingly strong and handles the balls with ease), martial arts (mainly kenpo).

    Dislikes: Places that are overly crowded and loud, yelling/getting yelled at, public speaking, high heeled shoes, bullies, coffee (but loves tea), sharp objects, being cold, cat calling, disrespectful people, ridiculous workloads and expectations.

    Religious Preference: Atheist.

    Strengths: Is actually surprisingly physically strong, very sharp and picks up on situations and peoples emotions quickly, very book smart, extremely skilled at being a piano player and knows how to play multiple instruments.

    Weaknesses: Standing up for herself, becomes depressed and self conscious rather easily, is a natural worry wort of loved ones (to the point that it can make her physically ill), shuts down if people yell at her.

    Family: Her biological father was a famous musician that had Elodie in an affair (Elodie's mom was the other woman). He came and went from her life for a bit before abandoning both her and her mother completely. Elodie's mother, a perfectionist as well as strict and calculating woman, took it extremely hard. She began to use Elodie to try and get back at her ex lover as well as live vicariously through her, pushing her past her far past her limits limits to make her as perfect as humanly possible. After growing up in unsavory conditions, and after years of mental exhaustion and physical and mental abuse, she finally found the courage to escape one day, and after some traveling, found Harlow. Since then, Harlow, Tomoko, and Xiaoping have become her true family, and she loves them all very much.

    Pets: None, but she is very partial to cats and dogs.

    Role model: Harlow. Harlow is the girl who completely changed her life, brought her back from the brink of despair, and made her fine happiness again.

    Fears: The past, her mother, loosing everything she loves, fast speeds.

    Goals: The be the happiest best person she can be, support Harlow in anyway she can, and restart her music career away from her domineering mother.

    Sexuality: Straight

    Relationships/Love interests: Harlow- Best friend/sister figure/family/person she admires the most
    Tomoko: Friend met through Harlow, kind of freaked her out a bit at first, but they have since grown close
    Bomi: Another friend meant through Harlow, and quite the opposite of her. They have a warm relationship regardless, and enjoy each others company greatly. They are in talks of joining a martial arts gym together.
    Xiaoping: Frightened Elodie a lot at first (she was mainly worried for Harlow's safety), but once she saw his true nature and how much he started to care for their family unit (particularly Harlow) she warmed up to him and now considers him family.

    Allies: Harlow, Tomoko, Bomi, Xiaoping, others TBA.

    Enemies: TBA

    Sexual partners: TBA

    Hobbies and interests: Learning about music, playing the piano, martial arts, lolita fashion.
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