Head Sculpt:
Volks SD13
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Me (Fleurfolk)
    Date of acquisition:
    December 22, 2019
    DoA MP, Made in 2018
    DOA Profile Elyon.jpg View attachment 35724
  • Eyes:
    Soulinabox Film Noir 16/7mm
    Favourite colours:
    Black, Gold
    Fashion style(s):
    He wears long dresses, puffy blouses, robes and tunics.
  • Character age:
    35 y/o
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Elyon’s very different from the rest of my crew because he’s an OC from another story. He’s not even it’s main character but I decided to shell him first.


    Elyon Tolkina was born in a country where magic is the way of life. He’s the only grandchild of the Witch Queen Seraphica. Being male, Elyon is forbidden by tradition and law to learn magic. But Seraphica, declared the boy his successor, bypassing her only daughter. Much to the dismay of her followers and ally clans.

    Years later, he is the first ever male to ever lead a clan, the de-facto Queen (no Kings in their culture) With his protectorate and army in decline and loss of powerful allies. He was seen as weak by the other Witch Queens and they took advantage of this to usurp him, but he always won every attempt of invasion.

    His peace is disrupted again, when the Bruvants (an old clan, known to have been extinct) return, searching for the Light Crystal (currently in the possession of Skya and Juli) bent on conquering the country and then the world. Since the crystal was conjured in the protectorate of the Tolkinas by an unknown source around 100 years ago, the responsibility now lies in Elyon's hands. His role is to assist Skya and Juli in convincing the other clans and their queens to unite in fighting a common enemy.

    -He's mostly quiet, minding his own business. When he's not working (managing, listening to people's problems and complaints and helping to solve them) he's in his grandmother's garden, tending to her plants, crafting crystals and studying history and languages. He's also very interested in mysterious magical anomalies and has been investigating the Light Crystal for years.


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