Enzo Viddae

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R. Dia
Soom Supergem
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    From a seller on facebook
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    Those lips!
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    His face is absolutely stunning and his body is aesthetically beautiful.
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    He doesn't pose very well and is hard to string
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    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Enzo Viddae

    D.O.B/Age: 25. May 12th (Taurus)

    Occupation: Surgeon

    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

    Relationship Status: Taken by Deimos


    Likes: Books, Long naps, Card Games

    Dislikes: Blood stains, Tight clothes, Snooty people

    Enzo was born during an affair between his mother and the Captain of the Guard at the time. He is the product of his father’s infidelity. Enzo is Corvus Viddae’s half-brother, and as he loves to remind him, the sole reason for Corvus’ miserableness. Corvus would go on to follow his father’s footsteps, to become a guard, and later be promoted to Guard Captain. Enzo was always destined for another path.

    The suffering of Polaris’ citizens had always been present, but it had mostly been at the back of his mind. When things don’t affect you directly, it’s easy to push them out of sight. Enzo didn’t realize how extreme the poverty was until the day his mother died. They had been out getting rations when they heard the threat, “Look lady don’t move! Just gimme tha’ fuckin’ food. Ya hear me?!” She’d been turning around to hand the man the rations when he shot her. He can still see the man now, the shock on his features when he realized just what he had done. He had scrambled to pick up the food and run, and Enzo had been on his knees, trying to stop the bleeding.

    Somehow they had managed to get her to Polaris General only for her to die waiting. She’d lost too much blood waiting for a doctor to come to the room. There just weren’t enough hands to go around. That was the moment when Enzo had decided that he was going to become a surgeon. He was going to make sure nobody ever died waiting for treatment ever again.

    The promise he’d made that day had been a hard one to keep. Enzo was stubborn though, and he quickly became known as one of the brightest residents, and then one of the most talented surgeons. His stitches were clean and precise, and he never panicked in surgery, always keeping a level head. Maybe that was what had saved his reoccurring patient John Doe over and over, no matter how battered he appeared on Dr. Viddae’s operating table. Surgeons normally don’t have regular patients that they see again and again. Enzo did. The boy had dark black hair that was longer on one side; he had scars all across his body, and one prominent one on his lip. He was just a patient until the day that he croaked out his name weakly when asked, “Deimos…I think.” That day he became an enigma, a mystery that Enzo had to understand. Who was he? Why didn’t he know his name? Who were those people bringing him in? And finally the question that grew over the months like an infection, how could he save him once and for all?
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