Head Sculpt:
Chloe SP
Minifee - Moe-line - Boy
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Head: 28.04.2017 Body: 11.16.2016
    Head was traded and body was bought from a friend
    Reason for choice:
    I fell in love with Moe-line boy bodies the moment I got my hand on one and my friend decided to sell one and I immediately took him in.
    Best Points:
    Androgynous body, great posing, working mobility joints, changeable hands
    Worst Points:
    None, I've fixed everything that bothered me about him.
    Nao Units are becoming more and more usual everyday but they have less and less human rights.

    They are all still created by one Creator, Illusion, who adjusts his creations for customers and their individual needs.

    "Illusion Creator's newest addition to the "Nao Unit Family" is the Study -line, -EPHEMERAL-s.

    They're the same height as the commercial M-class, but they've been modified to suit the needs of the researchers and students who seek to study human emotions and behavior with certain mental disorders. Each Unit has one default emotion that controls their other emotions i.e. Anxiety or Happiness.

    Each Study -class has been color coded to fit certain type of emotions:
    -Yellow units (i.e. Canary, Gold, Lemon) have basic emotions that are guided with Happiness. They are used as study units and are often rented to hospitals to cheer up patients with terminal illnesses.
    -Red units (i.e. Crimson, Wine, Ruby, Rose) have basic emotions that are guided with Anger. Their main use is to study what makes people violent and how they should be approached and treated (i.e. Prisoner rehabilitation)
    -Grey units (i.e. Fog, Rain, Ash) and Blue units (i.e. Peacock, Azure, Teal) have basic emotion that are guided by Fears and Sadness. They're mainly used as test subjects on how to treat depressed people.

    What a revolutionary experiment! This is the answer to healing people! Nao Units are perfect dummies with their human-like emotions. But of course they don't have -real- feelings, they're just programmed right? So you don't have to care about them? All is fine as long as you feed them, right? But there is more! They have all new feature called " B R U I S I N G " -system that transfers Unit's emotional pain to their body, making visible damage (cuts, bruises, etc.) making it easier for medical students to survey the severity of mental illnesses. "

    This is the commercial for the new Nao Units. True, they are perfect test subjects for those who want to study mental illnesses and how emotional pain may paralyze people. And true, that is what these units are usually used for.

    But they are also stuck living in small examination rooms with barely any human contact, except for when there is a specific individual who has paid enough to let out their frustration. What might make individual feel more superior than fighting with aggressive unit, or pinning down Unit that is already so scared that they've become paralyzed and have complete control over them?


    [ Grey Unit can hardly feel any other emotions besides their default emotions (i.e. Happiness often goes unnoticed as it is always covered with anxiety and fear that something will make them crash even harder) ]
  • Eyes:
    Black 12mm
    Monique (Gold Label), self colored and dyed.
    Favourite colours:
    Black, Grey, White
    Fashion style(s):
    Key fashion accessory:
    All -EPHEMERAL- units are usually dressed in hospital tunics or regular clothing (nothing with prints or anything fashionable, always basic)
  • Name story:
    Fog (-EPHEMERAL- / [fog] / 021)
    Character age:
    Built 7 years ago, but resembles a 15-year old (small)
    Character gender:
    Genderless (more boyish)
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Fog has never left his room.

    He is always on the verge of tears and the voices in his head never quiet down. He is afraid to be alone and he feels like throwing up everytime someone opens the door to his room. It never means anything good.

    Doctors and their students come and go and ask him questions, give him different drugs to see how he reacts to them. They enforce his fears and study how long it takes before he passes out to protect his core from crashing completely. They strip him to see how his " B R U I S I N G " -system transfers his fears on to his skin. Deeper the cut, the darker the bruise - more excited humans are. Of course, while Nao Units are every bit as human as those who are born as humans, Living people still treat them as dummies so they don't understand that every Nao Unit in the Institute is being torn apart emotionally in different ways in cruel experiments - not to mention what happens behind closed doors when enough money is being given to someone in the right position.
    But since they can always reset them if they don't wake up anymore, why should they bother thinking about it, right?

    Once "Free Nao Units!" -organizations storms in the Institute and sets all Nao Units free, but little do they know that they have no means surviving in the world and most of them are so damaged already that once they have opportunity, they will just off themselves what they couldn't do when they were under 24/7 surveillance in the Institute.

    Fog was one of those units who just wished for fast death as he was already enforced with crippling Anxiety and Paranoia, while his basic emotion was Numbness. But Red Unit called Crimson claimed him as his own and is now protecting Fog with everything he has.

    While Fog is most of the times just numb, he slowly learns other emotions with Crimson.
  • New Sculpt : Chloe (SP)


    Old Sculpt : Ante



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