Freesia de la Mer

Head Sculpt:
Gella B
Fairyland Feeple65
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Freesia is a lonely mermaid with the unique power to turn men into her kind on the count of saving their life. All of the countless haggard seamen she had saved by turning into mermen have abandoned her once they discovered her true, intense emotional nature. Because of this she has an unstable sense of self and a fear of abandonment. One day 15 years ago she met a young boy on the seashore who took the time to talk to her. She told him how she had no friends and really wanted to be his. The boy promised to be her friend when he grew up and said he wanted to live in the sea too, but first he had to finish his studies. Freesia in her ecstasy put a curse on the young boy Narcisse, granting him the gift of beauty with every passing year, so much that others would fear it. With this curse she hoped Narcisse would return to her years later a handsome young man whom she could drown and make hers. She wonders to this day if he even remembers.

    (See Narcisse's profile to read a little about his side of the story)
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