Little Monica
Head Sculpt:
normal skin
Little Monica Harmony girl
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Bought straight from Little Monica
    Reason for choice:
    Demetri had the right smirk for the character
    Best Points:
    the expression
    Fyrd profile.jpg

    breasts were sanded off the female body to make him androgynous
  • Eyes:
    ED Milky #23 16mm
    Spite&Malice red
    Favourite colours:
    red, emerald green
    Fashion style(s):
    frilly, casual
    Key fashion accessory:
    red ribbon around the neck
    Fyrd wears rusty reds/browns over ivory white, at times complimented with greens. He usually has fox ears showing through his hair.

    He can however change his gender and looks at will, but most of the time he looks like a young, slender man with unnaturally red hair and green eyes that shine like gems.
  • Name story:
    Fyrd is an old OC and the name was orginally twisted from Ford Prefect (from Hitch-Hiker's Guide)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Fyrd was born as a protest agaist the seven gods of Cheshka and is opposed to them in every way. He claims to stand for freedom and right to choose for oneself but most see him as an advocate for chaos and anarchy. Despite what he claims, he is not an unconditionally loving god even to his followers and is usually quite a fickle deity. He can be arrogant, demanding, childish and has a quicksilver temper.

    He loves to play with mortals, to lure them into doubt or just plain mess with them and their plans.


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