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Grimoire Noir

Head Sculpt:
Teenie Gem
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Bought on the MP
    Reason for choice:
    I have a thing for Black Mages. :)
    Best Points:
    His big round eyes.
    Worst Points:
    Teenie Gems are not known to be terrific posers.
  • Eyes:
    Ersa Flora 14mm Orange Glow in the Dark
    Favourite colours:
    Black & navy blue
    Fashion style(s):
    Fantasy mage. Lightweight cotton fabrics, tall boots, leather gloves and a billowing black cloak.
    Key fashion accessory:
    His hat. He never takes it off.
    I've taken inspiration for his wardrobe from several different Final Fantasy Black Mages.
  • Name story:
    Many years ago, a ragtag band of misfits calling themselves the 'Warriors of Truth' fought and defeated a very nasty Dark Sorcerer who was trying to summon an ancient & evil monster. After a heated debate the party of heroes decided that the Evil Sorcerer should be imprisoned in a magical tower to atone for his crimes.

    Initially burning with a desire for revenge, the Sorcerer threw what remaining magic he had left into making a golem to act as his servant. The Dark Sorcerer's powers were stunted, so the golem came out less than perfect. Furious at his own failings (creating a golem is a fairly elementary enchantment) the Sorcerer despised the creature; he felt it represented the culmination of everything he had lost. Over time his anger faded and he grew to pity it; the golem was his only companion after all, so he began acting kinder towards it, he even named it 'Noire' due to it's blackened & burnt appearance.

    Noir was intrigued by magic, so the Sorcerer (lacking in something to do) taught him everything he knew. Impressed by the golem's insatiable appetite for knowledge (and his ability to recall information quickly), the Sorcerer gave him the second name of Grimoire. The Sorcerer told the golem that before he was was wrongfully imprisoned, he was working on a final spell to "change the world" but was unable to learn the secrets of the Ultimate Magic. Grim's desire for knowledge made him eager to learn these arcane secrets too.

    Many years later, the evil sorcerer passed away from old age, however Grimoire did not understand death or why his master had just 'stopped' one day. By chance Grimoire discovered that the spell keeping the tower sealed had broken. Intrigued by the outside world and tired of the isolation, he set off to find the secrets of the Ultimate Magic and perhaps finish his master's final spell.
    Character age:
    He's been alive for about 12 years
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Grim is very intelligent and quick witted, but due to his extremely sheltered life he lacks experience in dealing with most situations, especially ones involving people. He doesn't understand people and finds them frustrating and unpredictable. Because of the way his master first treated him, Grim is self destructive, self-loathing and truly believes he is a monster who should not exist. Despite this, he never hated his master or felt any animosity towards him. Rather, Grim admired his master and only wanted to serve him and to make him satisfied. (Such is the nature of all golems, they can neither hate or hurt their creators).

    Grim's vast knowledge of arcane magic grants him immense power, but in his naivety can not understand the practical applications for such dark magic (such as a wind spell so powerful it can flay a man alive, or a light spell so intense it can burn retinas).

    Grim, like his moniker has a serious disposition and a rather dark sense of humour. He finds nothing unusual about torture or pain and has very little empathy for other creatures, which at times reinforces his belief that his is a monster.


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