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old Love body
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    May 1, 2009
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    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Hatcher is a young man who has begun to come into his own. He had a verbal and emotionally abusive upbringing with his father, and his mother finally found the courage to take Hatcher and leave when he was twelve years old. His mother remarried five years later, and Hatcher found a role model and fast friend in his new older step-sister, Cassia MacKensie. Cassia helped him to realize that the relationship he was in with his first boyfriend was manipulative and emotionally abusive. After many attempts to get rid of him, Hatcher eventually decided to move into the city with Cassia, removing himself from the situation entirely.

    Unfortunately, his luck with romantic relationships didn’t immediately improve. Within his first year living in Barsheth, nineteen-year-old Hatcher met an older man called Mi'kael. He seemed nice enough, and he didn’t mistreat Hatcher, but Cassia didn’t trust him. A few months into their relationship, Theo arrived and it was revealed that Mi'kael was an immortal who had been dealing with his eighty-year depression by carelessly going about life as though he were a young mortal. Needless to say, Hatcher was upset by this discovery; Cassia was furious.

    Theo—Mi'kael’s immortal lover—urged Mi'kael to beg Hatcher’s forgiveness and mend their relationship. While Mi'kael was skeptical, he felt genuine remorse, and Hatcher was eventually able to forgive him. Cassia still holds a grudge.

    A few years later, Hatcher completed school and got a job at the infamous Barsheth Public Library, where he met Hope. Despite their initial language barrier, Hope and Hatcher immediately clicked, and they are in a steady, fulfilling relationship today.
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