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Forever Virginia
Head Sculpt:
Forever Virginia Child
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Forever Virginia
    Date of acquisition:
    Direct Purchase
    Reason for choice:
    Just look at that face... Her expression has "plucky little tom-boy who ran off to sea" written all over it. XD
  • Eyes:
    16mm Golden Brown glass
    7-8 Monique Faith in Black
  • Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    "My family? They're Necromancers... Necromancers, every one. Well, everyone except for Granny, of course. Granny *used* to be a Necromancer. Now she's a lich.

    I really didn't want to be a Necromancer. I wanted to be a sea captain!

    So, I kind'a ran away from home. I found a fast ship and I told Captain Ainsley that I was a boy and that I wanted to learn how to be a sailor. I'm not so sure he bought the boy-thing... He laughed at me when I said my name was short for Izard. (It's really short for Isabella, but nobody ever called me that. Except for Granny.) ... But he let me join the Lady Sophie's crew anyway and he always calls me "the cabin-boy", so I guess he's okay with it. I don't think he'll rat me out and tell anybody that I'm really a girl."

    (( Izzy is a very young version of my 13th Age RPG Necromancer/Bard. The original tabletop incarnation of Isabella grew up dreaming of running off to sea, but never actually managed it. This version was a little luckier, meeting the affable Captain Ainsley and their other adventuring companions much earlier on than the original did. XD ))


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