Japhet Rozario

Head Sculpt:
Bernard OE & SA
Akagidoll 66cm
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    September 21st 2014
    Head : DoA Marketplace
    Body : Angelesque
    Reason for choice:
    Saw Bernard on the Dollshe site and instantaneously fell in love. So when my girlfriend found his head on the marketplace, I couldn't resist
    For the body, I wanted a cheap but compatible one for him, as he is second hand and I'm broke af and I don't know if I'm not going to get him a new one one day.
    Best Points:
    I just can't get enough of his lil mouth and his nose bump and his innocent face.
    Worst Points:
    His knees are the worst knees ever, I went from cutting my hand in his joints to having them break off for no reason. He has a severe case of yaoi hands. Also he's quite a kicking one and I can't understand how his elastics work.
  • Wig:
    Sunny's world fake fur wig
    Favourite colours:
    Black, Silver, Blue
    Fashion style(s):
    He thinks he looks more like a goth but honestly he's the average edgy teen next door
    Key fashion accessory:
    His cross necklace
  • Name story:
    There's no real story about why I called him like this. He just sort of came as Japhet and I went with hit. A huge part of his backstory is based on his name tho.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
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