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Johanna Skye

Head Sculpt:
Juri 2013
None yet. I want a FairyLand MiniFee body for her.
  • Face-up artist(s):
    I forgot! LOL
    Date of acquisition:
    Head acquired on 9/13/2016. No body yet.
    ChibiBunnys here on DoA
    Reason for choice:
    I love the FeePle 60 Juri 2012 head but don't care for SD-sized bodies. So I chose the Juri 2013 head instead. It's got the same aesthetic on a smaller scale.
    Best Points:
    Pointed ears! I love pointed ears on ball-jointed dolls! I also love her soft little expression.
    Worst Points:
    Face-up needs some touch-ups, but no other complaints. I'll update this when I get her a body.
    I originally intended both my Juri heads to be for Johanna, but it seems pointless to do that when I've got matching heads that can easily play half-sisters.
  • Eyes:
    Anything 14mm will do.
    ChocoBrown from Ppinkys (Etsy shop), size 7-8
    Favourite colours:
    Pastels, brown, white, and gray
    Fashion style(s):
    Various lolita styles (hime, shiro, and sweet are her favorites), mori, and fairy kei, all styles that jive well with both personalities. And cats. Johanna loves cats.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Nothing yet. I'm looking for an ID bracelet in her size; I can pretend that Johnny Hailey gave it to her.
    Johanna gravitates towards styles that will go well with both her personalities. She's nuts about mori and anything cutesy, and she usually prefers skirts and dresses to pants. She loves wearing things that have cats on them.
  • Name story:
    I originally chose Jocasta as a name, but when the head arrived I thought she looked more like a Johanna.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Johanna Athaliah Skye is an elf. She spent her life with her family, a seemingly close-knit but strict group of elves that harbored a mild distrust towards humans and the outside world. During her early years Johanna developed two personalities, one for daytime (which she spent at home) and one for nighttime (which she spent on trap lines in the woods). This personality trait led to tensions between Johanna and her family, which wasn't as stable as she thought. Her overly-curious father stepped out on her mother once, resulting in the birth of a half-elf named Guinevere. Guinevere sought out her birth father when the two sisters were teenagers, and she was soundly rejected by all of the Skye clan. Well...almost all of them. You probably can figure out where I'm going with this. Yep, Johanna sided with her half-sister, whom she rightfully saw as an innocent victim of circumstances. The Skye clan threw both girls out, citing Johanna's split personality as their reasoning for sending her away with Guinevere. Fortunately for the young siblings, Johanna knew of a place to go. The pair subsequently boarded a rocket to Armenia City and severed all ties with the Skye clan.

    Johanna tries to keep her mental illness in check, but there isn't much one can do for a split personality. By day she's demure, shy, and sweet, but by night she's bold, adventurous, and a little on the sarcastic side. Johanna doesn't know why her family resented her for this split, but she does realize that it's confusing for her friends. She is thus trying to merge the two sides of herself into one happy medium. She's succeeded a little; both sides are brave and fiercely loyal, though Johanna insists that both sides were always that way. Guinevere begs to differ, saying that Johanna's day personality was timid, while her night personality was two-faced and prone to volatile mood swings.

    Johanna's split personality makes her a bit unpredictable, but she has managed to find a close friend in her Martian housemate Ylla K. Ylla is able to read minds and can thus predict what Johanna is going to do. She has managed to deduce that Johanna's personality shifts are prompted with the rising and setting of the sun, and less dramatically, with the changing of the seasons. This has done nothing to stop Johanna's shifts, but she is better able to prepare for them. Ylla and Johanna have slowly become inseparable, though they are quite different. While Ylla is calm and rational, Johanna is easily excited and a hopeless romantic. Johanna is also close to Chloe, who accompanies her on her foraging outings. And of course, she loves Guinevere, now her only family.

    Since she is unofficially the town apothecary Johanna doesn't have much time for a personal life. When out of school she spends her days gathering herbs and mixing her medicines. Her evenings are spent hunting for meat. She is particularly skilled at mixing the wolf's bane concoction that Alistair uses to control his lycanthropism. In fact, she is so good at this that Alistair doesn't trust anyone else to mix and fill his prescription. In spite of these time-consuming tasks Johanna does enjoy a few hobbies. She particularly loves collecting blind-bag figurines. I've managed to put together quite a collection for her, too!

    As I insinuated above, Johanna has a fairly wide circle of friends, though her split personality makes her a little nervous around newcomers. To an outsider she seems quiet, but she's just trying to figure out whom she can trust. She gets along well with her roommates and with her schoolmates, and enjoys a close platonic relationship with Alistair Adalwolf. Her love interest is shy, naive Johnny Hailey, who is completely clueless to the situation. This drives Johanna nuts, but she isn't sure how to resolve the situation. She doesn't know whether to leave Johnny be or to try and pursue her heart's desire. Both paths could potentially break hearts and end in disaster, but both could also end happily. Poor Johanna is very conflicted, and her situation is worsened by both her split personality and the dissenting opinions of Chloe and Ylla, both of whom she respects. Chloe is convinced that Johanna and Johnny would be perfect for each other, while Ylla insists that Johanna will be happier pursuing another boy. Johanna has told me that she feels like a leaf caught in a storm, being pushed and pulled violently in all directions. Despite all this turmoil, Johanna remains cheerful and optimistic, confident that one day her puzzling life will fall into place.
  • The heads. Johanna is always on the left.

    Poncho and hat

    New wigs

    New eyes

    Heads in hats


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