Jonathan "Tea" Grey

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Hugo SN
Volks (Heath)
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    Type: Elysium Hugo SN
    Name: Jonathan "Tea" Grey
    Nickname(s): Tea (Though he usually goes by this, and not his real name)
    Age: 34
    Birthdate: 2nd September
    Nationality/Species British
    Favourite colours: Black, green
    Skin: Normal
    Hair: Dirty blonde
    Eyes: Piercing blue
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Look: Tall, thin and pale with dark eyes, Tea looks for the most part, very sick. However, he is not frail, and can hold his own against a pack of demons. His everyday wear is a suit - "Good for all occasions." he claims.
    Likes: Not much. Mostly cigarettes and whiskey.
    Dislikes: Most things; Demons, loud music, crowds, relationships, being disturbed, laboratories, himself... the list goes on.
    Secrets: Murder...
    Personality: He's known around town as a cold hearted a**hole who only cares for himself, and for the most part this is right. Tea despises company, preferring his a bottle of whiskey and cigarettes to real friends.
    Background: Jonathan was the first born to Kaiser and Hera Grey, and grew up a Gypsy, traveling across England in a caravan, with his father's clan. When Jonathan was nine years old, his parents and gypsy friends were attacked right in front of him by a gang of demons, though he did not know what they were at the time. Seeing this carnage sparked something deep inside of him, and he slaughtered many of the demons, and also some of the Gypsies, in pure blind rage. Scared of what he had done, he fled the scene and he was eventually found and taken in by what Jonathan thought were kind people. It turned out that he had been brought to a laboratory, and Jonathan was subjected to a series of terrible experiments on his mind and body. Mechanical umbrella wings were attached to his back, and he suffered many awful visions of demons, especially when the lab psychologist, Cillian, was around, able to see the demon, Carreau, inside of him. No one believed his cries of course, and he was placed in a straitjacket and put into solitary confinement, where over the years he lost all memory and personality.
    He was finally released from the laboratory at the age of 18, as no more tests could be carried out on him, and he headed for London, his mind returning miraculously as each day passed by. He gave himself a new name - Tea. But he was still plagued by visions and voices of demons in his head. After a major encounter, he realized the visions were actually real, and the laboratory had stirred an ability deep inside of him. He trained to become an exorcist using his curse, deciding to take revenge on the demons who had destroyed him.
    Tea now lives in London, in a converted church, the only place where he can gain respite from day-to-day life, though he still suffers with terrible nightmares despite the holy artifacts and spells that surround his flat. His 40-a-day nicotine addiction does nothing to curb the side effects from the laboratory, and he has violent, almost dangerous coughing fits.
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