Head Sculpt:
Goth Louis
Glorydoll male body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    April, 12, 20014
    Bought here on MP, I have his paperwork
    Reason for choice:
    I had a zombie character in mind and he supposed to be a Doll Chateu Kid, but then I saw this guy and his gorgeous skin color, being in love with Glorydoll made the final decision easy.
    Best Points:
    He's heavy. Like really heavy since his body is like solid piece of resin. From what I can tell he's yellowed just a little bit over years and that is a big plus comparing with Soom for example. And I totally adore his sculpt. Details, that scar and all.
    Worst Points:
    His poses are really limited and I would like double joints in his elbows. And more detailed knees would be great.
  • Eyes:
    Favourite colours:
    Grey, Black, Purple, White
  • Name story:
    I had it in mind before I ever saw him because I really liked a character drawn by しきみ on Pixiv. I asked the artist for permission to use the art as inspiration for my doll but never got any reply so he ended up with just the name.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    This is a really short backstory for a whole lot of characters involved. And all names are just names, not connected with whatever religion there is and more like an associations people got.
    Officially he is the leader of a place called Circus, actually he's the ruler of the place called, well, The Place (it makes a tiny bit more sense in Russian). The Place is divided in 3 parts: Circus, City and Hell, depending on how creatures who live there bare with their lives.
    The Place can grant you any wish but in a very bizarre and twisted way and those who refuse to acknowledge themselves for what they are and think that this new world and state they live in is a punishment settle in the Hell part. Those who prefer to think that nothing actually happened and try to live their lives as is go to the City. And those who enjoy themselves, those who love this Place and their new selves go to Circus, the never-ending freak show.

    Kaja was a strange boy, curious to everything odd. He could spend hours sitting and daydreaming somewhere, watching things no one else was able to see. And once he realized that he's gonna die someday, the thought itself scared him so much he decided to become immortal whatever it takes. And some forces somewhere heard him. So he turned up at The Place with two strangest creatures he ever seen - Tama and Shi. He didn't know where he was and what to do and didn't care until his body began to rot. Soon afterwards he had a fight with another creature from The Place (Chimera), got his eye damaged and found out that Tama and Shi are two parts of his soul which got separate bodies and allow him to stay immortal while he feeds them dead people's souls.

    So he's forced to kill people or wait till they die themselves to keep living. To do that he separates three parts of The Place, finds rulers for two and becomes the ruler of the third, he needs more souls and that means more inhabitants. There are rulers, scouts (those who help newbies, Kaja can't drag people to The Place himself, but found someone who can afterwards), killers (one for each ruler) to kill those who refuse to cooperate or don't follow the rules. Now he has his own creepy empire (only few people know he does) with lots of people and some eventually dying due to age or whatever to serve him souls whenever he wants it and inhabitants of The Place got some sort of order and hierarchy.
    And he calmly enjoys what he does best - daydreaming.


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