Kale Varis Pryderi

Head Sculpt:
Minifee Elf Shiwoo
DZ Double-Jointed (I think - he's changed bodies several times)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Me (AmyAngel)
    Tattoo artist(s):
    he used to have a temporary one on his arm, I need to re-do it
    Date of acquisition:
    2-11-09 (the original version), 4-12-10 for the current head
    secondhand from DoA
    Reason for choice:
    Shiwoo. All the Shiwoos! I like the chin on the elf Shiwoo best, so changed his head from regular to elf even though he's not an elf.
    Best Points:
    Minifee! Shiwoo! Honesly I love CP's sculpts, and Shiwoo has been a favorite of mine from the beginning. Love the little smirky smile. Also I love how easy it is to hybrid Minifee heads, he's been on three different bodies over the time I've had him. Just pop on a neckpiece and there you go.
    Worst Points:
    Fairyland persists in making smaller versions of their bodies instead of making a long-leg option so their already short boys can have more height. I'd love him to be on a Minifee body, but until they make a taller version, he's on a Dollzone one.
  • Eyes:
    cheap glass - blue
    cheap black faux fur
    Favourite colours:
    black, red, silver
    Fashion style(s):
    He really SHOULD be more neo-victorian esque, but he's mostly kind of emo still. He still fits in OK.
    Key fashion accessory:
    His hat, with his goggles perched on it. And the lip ring.
    He wears a lot of red and black, including a HDS shirt and a pair of zippery black baggy pants. Dollmore shoes, and a hat with some chains on it. He wears a necklace with a wing on it, also. He can sometimes be seen wearing a military-style flight jacket.
  • Name story:
    Kael, from Willow, re-spelled so people will pronounce it correctly. I have just always liked that name.
    Character age:
    21 or so
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Kale is a happy-go-lucky, generally positive, upbeat presence in the crew. He's also a bit of a prankster. He's one of the crew's three pilots, flying one of the small sparrowhawks the Resolute carries in it's hanger, though he is the lowest in rank among them. He's grown up a bit since his baby brother Asher was sent to stay with him, as he is now the little one's primary caretaker. His best friend and fellow pilot Baron helps take care of Asher as well, and the whole crew has become a sort of "found family" for each other.
    When there is no flying to be done, Kale helps out as needed with their search for treasure and other responsibilities aboard the ship. Everyone on board takes turns creating the crew's meals, and Baron and Kale tend to work together when it is either of their turns. They are tied with Eliza for the position of "best cook on board", and are known for being able to cook soup on the moving airship with a minimum of spilling.
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