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Head Sculpt:
Real Skin.
EID Model Type.
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    July 2015
    Reason for choice:
    I chose the EID Rex to purchase because I really just fell in love with his face sculpt. I knew I NEEDED an Iplehouse doll from the moment I stumbled across their company. The realism in the expressions and the lovely real shape of their bodies is second to none. I fell in love with the fact that every single doll seems to have a story and a different personality to them.
    Best Points:
    The face-up and body blushing is second to none. If you look quickly at Kellen's picture he almost looks like a snap-shot of a real live human being, which I love. His tanned skin and the light dusting of freckles they gave him really suit the character I made for him as well.
    Worst Points:
    EID size is heavy! If you want a lightweight doll that easily poses you should not get an EID size. Kellen is huge, he is heavy, and does not hold some poses very well as a result.
    Kellen is an Iplehouse EID Rex in model type body.

    He has real skin (chosen before Iplehouse got the glow skin option), a 'simple' custom face-up, and body blushing option D, which encompasses body blushing on the nipples, collarbone, abdomen, and freckles scattered in various parts across entire upper torso and shoulders (I told them to go light on his freckles and they did!), and veins on his arms.

    He came with warm, chocolate coloured hues which really suit him so I haven't changed them out, but I have bought him several different eye colours from Iplehouse in the event that I do want to change them someday!
  • Eyes:
    Iplehouse glass eyes, 12mm.
    He can fit Luts 9-10 in. wigs so sometimes gets put in those, other than that he has Iplehouse EID 9-10 inch size wigs. In his picture he is wearing a Luts 9-10 inch wig.
    Favourite colours:
    Dark colours and neutral colours.
    Fashion style(s):
    Casual. Comfortable. Baggy. Nothing too cloying or claustrophobic for him.
    Key fashion accessory:
    a simple black bead bracelet.
  • Name story:
    Pure Blood.
    Character age:
    Around 300.
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Kellen is a 300 year old Lycan, which is moderately old for a lycan in my books. Long ago he had a large family: a mother and a father, lots of brothers, sisters, cousins, relatives. He and his sister he was closest to named Alani were off exploring deep in the woods when a mysterious band of hunters came and slaughtered his entire pack. This was many years ago when Kellen was just a young man around 50 years of age. This tragedy changed Kellen. Once open and trusting, he became on edge, distrusting, wary and distant. The only one he now trusts implicitly is his little sister Alani, and he rarely lets her out of his sight because of the way his entire family was killed just for being Lycans.

    Since then he has learned to take care of himself and his own. He works with a small band of like-minded Lycans who have formed places coined 'Safehouses' for Lycans all over the world. These places are off-the-grid properties where their kind can come for safety if they need refuge or even just a place to stay as they are passing through. Kellen is the leader of one such safehouse in an undisclosed location in the States, and has many Lycans that look to him for protection living under his roof; many of which are very young and had similar tragedies happen to them and their packs as he and Alani had suffered many years ago.

    He would like nothing more than to live in peace and keep the peace, but when tested, Kellen is not a wolf any should ever underestimate. He is a fierce fighter, and is not afraid to kill to protect those that need it most.

    Ancient Blood: Kellen is the last of a bloodline of pure Lycanthrope whose lineage can be traced back to the very first Lycan Mother herself. Lycans will refer to her simply as Mother Luna, and hail the moon to pay their due respects to her. Many thousands of years ago, all Lycans were like Kellen, but over the centuries due to mixed breeding and cross breeding, Lycans bloodlines have lost a lot of the power they used to possess. Not so with Kellen. Compared to other Lycans he is larger in wolf form, and in both human and wolf form he is faster, stronger, and more resilient in general. His ancient blood also makes him a target however. Vampire's crave the rare elixir, as it has remarkable healing properties and greatly enhances the relative power and strength of any vampire that drinks it. He would also be hunted in the efforts of harvesting his blood, as it would rake in a fortune for any that would try to sell it to the highest bidder.

    Pᴜʀᴇ Bʟᴏᴏᴅ on RolePlayer.me - www.roleplayer.me/957441

    (**INTERESTING NOTE: When I got my EID Rex, Kellen was already a character I had made on roleplayer.me. What I am trying to say is I did not INTEND for my EID to resemble Kellen (hence the actor I use to depict him on my roleplay page, Aidan Turner) at all! It just sort of happened when I put a black wig on him...he sort of just became Kellen! The likeliness was uncanny! So yes he IS Kellen, he IS my Lycan male...but it was never my intention when I ordered him to make him the doll version of Kellen. Pretty cool how that worked out, huh?)
  • For more images, check out my Flickr:



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