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    He is a BJD fanfiction about a psion dark elf craracter from the Forgoten Realms. Full name is Kimmuriel Oblodra
    Character age:
    431 years old
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    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    He is a BJD fanfiction / fancharacter about a psionicist dark elf craracter from the Forgoten Realms.

    Full name is Kimmuriel Oblodra. He is 431 years old, egoist smart and heartless... of maybe not really heartless. My version is a teleport specialist psionicist. You will know why...

    The original character from forgottenrealms.wikia
    "Kimmuriel Oblodra was a powerful psionicist of Menzoberranzan and one of the few survivors of the destruction House Oblodra."

    "In stark contrast to other members of his family, Kimmuriel was unemotional, usually stony-faced and very difficult to get even the slightest of smiles out of, much less a laugh. His humor was very dry but often superbly clever. "

    "He had no patience or respect for other's mental privacy and was likely to dive right in with his psionic powers. He had an "arrogant dislike" for the arcane arts, but he was willing to work with wizards."

    "Jarlaxle rescued Kimmuriel from certain death when House Oblodra was destroyed by House Baenre in 1358 DR. Kimmuriel quickly became one of Jarlaxle's lieutenants, along with Rai-guy Bondalek, with whom he shared a relationship that could almost be termed a friendship."

    My fanfiction character is mostly similar, but deep inside his heart he has emotions. Of course he newer tells you. Or if he does... then you are in danger.
    His only deep friend is Rai'gy Bondalek. (Rai-guy Bondalek)

    Not long time ago one powerfull changeling wanted to kill him and stole his place in the Bregan D'aerthe. The changeling's plan was to destroy Kimmuriel when he was sleeping. But he half woke up in the last moment and teleported away. (Chiho used a spell in a same time but i will write it in another story) ... finally
    he arrived into our world. This world is very strange for him. Technical and cultural differences and so on.... but he is doing his best.

    In my version the changeling is inside his original dimension now and everybody thinks that he is the original Kimmuriel. (XD .... i am sorry)


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