Laira Incanto

Head Sculpt:
Onyx Light
White Skin
Impldoll Star
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Body is firsthand from Impldoll. The head was purchased on the MP circa 2009.
    Elf ears from Soom Topaz.
    Jewelry from Fairyland Chloe Moonlight
  • Eyes:
    14mm violet glass
  • Character age:
    Immortal (appears to be in early twenties)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    True Name Pellannon (also known as Pellannon the Forsaken)
    Titles: Her Most Imperial Majesty, Laira I of Elaris; Daughter of Ryah
    Nicknames: In the language of the gods, Laira means “forsaken.” The name was given to her in an act of scorn. She wore it first in shame, and now proudly.
    Age: Immortal (with conditions), appears to be late twenties.

    Birthplace Unknown. She was created, not born.
    Affiliation Elaris

    Significant Other: Silas Incanto (husband)
    Family: Leora Incanto (daughter); Jane Sylph (“sister” -- they were both created by the same goddess)
    Other key relationships: Gnaeus Ferlae (former lover, possible father of Leora); Remiel Westphaelian (bodyguard)

    History: A being almost as old as the world itself, Pellannon was created by the ice goddess Ryah to serve as guardian of her frozen lands. Curious and passionate, she fell in love with a fell in love with another immortal, who eventually betrayed her -- falsely -- as a servant of the god of Time in order to save his preserve his own freedmon after falling victim to a mortal scheme to cheat death.

    While her love went free, Pellannon was forced into servitude to a madman seeking immortality. Denied rescue by her goddess, Pellanon was granted only a sliver of hope; since false love had imprisoned her, true love would set her free. Ryah trapped her foolish servant's immortality (and thusly control over her life and fate) within a stone, dooming her to age and die like the mortals who had outwitted her. Only when it was returned to her by one who loved her truly, would she be granted both her freedom and her immortality.
    In a final act of abandonment, Ryah stripped her of her immortal name, and bestowed upon her instead the name of Laira, which means "forsaken" in the language of the gods.

    Her captors fashioned the stone contiaining her immortality into a pendant, using it as a means to control her. She was then gifted to the ruling house of Elaris as a servant, both as a means of currying favor with the royal family and as a means of spying on them. She bore her servitude in silence, but secretly fell in love with Silas Incanto, the illegitimate son of the Queen, who would visit the royal residences from time to time.

    She was freed from her captors during the revolution that massacared the ruling line of Luxarius and left Silas as heir apparent to the throne of Elaris. When her captors were murdered in the rebellion, the pendant was picked up by Gnaeus Ferlae, who then unwittingly became her master. They shared a brief but passionate affair, Gnaeus all the while oblivious that he held Laira's life in his hands. When he discovered the truth of the stone's significance, he immediately tried to return it to her, thus granting her the freedom she had sought for so long.

    Laira refused.

    She had embraced her mortality, and Silas Incanto had proposed. She now rules by his side as Queen of Elaris, and though the two of them are very much in love, her soul still belongs, quite literally, to another.
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