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Cerberus Project
Head Sculpt:
Delf Type 3 Boy
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Purchased from Luts
  • Eyes:
    18mm Dark Brown Kanis glass
    Monique Paris in Off-black
  • Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Another of my Exalts... The tabletop RPG version of Lanander was a First Age water-aspected Terrestrial poet and bureaucrat forced into a more adventurous life than he ever wanted to live thanks to the absent-mindedness of his Solar patron.


    His Monologue:

    Still waters dream
    Of autumn wheat; Sparrows rising,
    Reflecting winter.

    - Seasons (Transition 3, Verse 7)

    "Who am I, you ask?

    I am Lanander cal'Mahan Isalanress of the lineage of Ohlmahet. But that's not what you really wanted to know, is it? You wanted to know what use I may be to you and how I came to be in this particular place at this particular time.

    An understandable curiosity...

    I came to this place from the center of the world, for I was born in the shadow of Meru, the Great Mountain. I attended the Academy of the Thirteen Quills in preparation for a life of quiet and uneventful service to my family's Lord, Gallian Lotus Fox, Chosen of the Twilight, as my ancestors had done before me since the young days of Creation. Alas, the Maidens had other plans, and that quiet, unremarkable fate was... Well, let us say it was given to someone other than myself.

    You must understand, my Lord Gallian is a brilliant man. He is an ambitious and visionary man. He is not, however, a man with much patience for details, and so it has fallen upon his poor servants to keep many of his projects running smoothly when he moves on to other things. He is known for his boundless creativity, my worthy Lord, and thus has the number of his projects increased with every passing year, while the number of we, his devoted servants, often has not. Many among us have become things which we would not have dreamed of in earlier days. A cook becomes the keeper of a menagerie. A guard captain becomes an engineer. A scribe becomes a diplomat... A poet becomes a demon slayer.

    It was in that way that I found myself placed in charge of the daily operations of the Division of Scientific Inquiry when Lord Gallian moved on to designing palaces for the Lords of the West. It was fortunate that my temperament was well suited to the task. Proof, I suspect, of my Lord's wisdom. For several years I went about my duties with no undue incident and, if I may be so bold as to say so, I would like to think that my performance in that capacity pleased my Lord. Our Division of Scientific Inquiry even came to the attention of the Assembly once, when we solved the notorious mystery of the missing watch-tower. I had a few small adventures of my own, the tales of which have grown far beyond the measure of the deeds, I am sorry to say, but it was largely a peaceful post, and I had thought to spend the rest of my days content in the task to which I had been appointed.

    Alas, that was also not to be.

    As I have said, my Lord Gallian is a visionary man. He looks always towards the future... And so, when others of the Chosen told him of a new kingdom but recently settled, he began to ponder the many ways in which such a location might be improved. It was, he said, as if Creation had been given an empty canvas upon which to create a masterpiece. When those others among the Chosen mentioned that this kingdom was a bit chaotic it was my humble fate which they sealed.

    Thus have I come to this place, with the blessing and the charge of my Lord to set all things to order. Looking about me, I think that this will not be an easy task, but then, the paths that we must follow are not always easy ones.

    The noble Gallian, I fear, has already forgotten that he sent me here..."
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