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Head Sculpt:
Celine SP
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Reason for choice:
    Feeple70 Body is my Grail and I love Sleeping Sculpts and White Skin gives them ethereal feeling and that's the reason I chose her~
    Best Points:
    She has long legs that are well sculpted so they are not just pretty but they actually pose well too. Also I love her lips.
    Worst Points:
    She can't slouch! : C
    Leia was beautiful. She was kind. She was a Healer. She was a High Priestess.

    Leia had lived her entire life in a small village at the edge of Human Civilization. She was a member of small human tribe called Longlings who carried part of elven blood in their veins that made them more sensitive to magic and Energy around them. Because they could physically feel the flow of Time and Energy, it came to them naturally to believe in the Original Three. Unlike most tribes and nations in the World, it was never degraded as mere folklore to them - it was the truth and their whole tribe devoted their life to do everything they could to shelter Creators and preaching about the Original Three. Leia was no different.

    Leia was once engaged with a guardian of their village (arranged marriage). But when she found injured Creator at the outskirts of their village she called of the engagement and devoted herself to raising this young, pre-teen like girl with fiery red hair that had captivated her the moment Leia had touched her wounds in order to heal them for the first time - She felt how their Time became intertwined and knew that they were destined to stay close to each other 'till death did them apart.

    Years passed and Laeh began aging faster to match Leia in age in order to propose to her - but every time Laeh proposed to her, Leia declined. She was not worthy of a Creator, for she was merely a priestess and a healer. However Laeh was not going to give up and in the end she managed to convince Leia to say "yes" and for the longest time, they were truly happy together.

    But Leia was murdered.

    When Laeh married to Leia, she had committed the greatest sin a Creator could - she ceased to Create with her pair so she was no longer keeping the Cycle flowing. So to punish and force Laeh to continue fulfilling her purpose as someone who Creates movement, Nova stole the time from this inconvenience. While Leia felt her Time draining from her faster than ever before, she did her everything to keep it hidden from Laeh but in the end, she collapsed right in front of Laeh and died in her arms. By her hands.

    After Leia died, she learned why she had to die before it was her Time. Surprisingly, she was calm and understood why her death was unavoidable and just. Maybe it was because she was a High Priestess when she was still alive and had devoted her life, soul and body for her beliefs - but she could not feel grief over her death. It was easy for her to accept her fate as a way to serve the Original Three. She understood why High Creator saw this as an only option. And while it pained her, she even understood why she was forbidden from re-incarnating in to the World or why Nova did not allow Leia to have any contact with Laeh again. It was part of the punishment but it was also the only regret Leia had. Oh, how she wished that she had used her remaining Time and cherished and allowed Laeh to come to terms with Leia's unavoidable death. Instead of driving Laeh instead by forcing her to kill Leia's physical body with their own hands.

    While Leia was unable to have any contact with Laeh, she was able to see and follow her through the Cycle where she was held captive by Nova. Leia saw how Laeh was driven deeper and deeper in to the madness and how that insanity kept her in a grip so tight that if Laeh were mortal, she would have surely died and destroyed her soul. Instead, Laeh began creating creating empty shells, trying to make a suitable vessel for Leia's soul that she had decided to retrieve from the Cycle, by force, if necessary. Leia became so desperate that she prayed for Cycle to interfere.

    While all she ever wanted was to be reunited with her Love, she did not want to interfere with powers greater than she was. But Mother World heard the prayer that neither Cycle nor Nova would listen and Mother World plants a Seed of Self in one of the shells that Laeh has discarded. That Seed is going to develop an ego, Mari-Mari, and Leia becomes the White Fairy that guides her while hoping that Mari-Mari will be the turning point on Laeh's road to recovery.
  • Eyes:
    Monique Gold Label Strawberry Blonde
    Favourite colours:
    Beige, White, Browns, Copper and Gold
    Fashion style(s):
    Mori-ish. Lots of flowing fabrics and huge skirts.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Rocking Horse Necklaces
    Since she is wandering Spirit in the Cycle she appears as Angelic. When she was still alive, she preferred warm, earthy colors and outfits with lots of pockets where she could stash everything interesting she would find. She also carried lots of basic healing herbals where ever she would go, as she was Healer. She also wore colorful tunic/coat with Healer signs.
  • Name story:
    Character age:
    31 (Dead)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    - All healers must give up one of their senses and ability to bear children for the Cycle to receive their Healing powers and Leia chose to sacrifice her eyesight.
    - Leia is also Laeh's deceased wife who is trapped within the Cycle. Her Thread Of Connection with Laeh was severed when she died so she can not visit Laeh in her dreams nor can she be re-incarnated in the World.
    - Leia is a person who has deep faith in Cycle and it's reasoning. While her death was not natural, she as accepted her death as "it's part of Cycle's plans".
    - Leia is basically ultimate good and when she was alive she was willing to sacrifice everything she was for others around her.
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