Lexxus Afonja

CP Luts Delf
Head Sculpt:
Dreaming Shiwoo Vampire
Beauty White
CP Luts Type 1
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Reason for choice:
    Because he reminded me so much of my OC
    Best Points:
    I love his face-up!
    Worst Points:
    Oldest style Luts body - doesn't pose very well!
  • Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Type: CP LUTS Shiwoo Dreaming Vampire
    Name: Lexxus Afonja
    Nickname(s): Lexx
    Age: Over 2000 years old, but looks in his late 20's.
    Birthdate: Unknown - immortal
    Nationality/Species: Russian/Romanian - Vampire
    Favourite colours: Dark red, black
    Skin: White
    Hair: Short and black with red streaks
    Eyes: Left: Brown. Right: Turquoise
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: No preference - basically anyone.
    Look: Lexx is a very powerful businessman, and usually wears a grey pinstripe suit, with a white shirt. However, during his time away from his business, he may wear dark, gothic style clothing for special occasions, or regency style pants and shirts for casual wear.
    Likes: Busines, teasing, taunting, blood, pretty things, smart clothing.
    Dislikes: Not much... he's generally unnervingly cheerful.
    Secrets: He is the murderer of Tea's parents...!
    Personality: Charming, smart and arrogant. He finds most things amusing, much to the annoyance of some, but they don't dare cross him as he's a powerful vampire.
    Background: It is unknown exactly when or where Lexx came from, but there are rumours that he was born from the fires of Hell itself. Having been alive for so long, Lexx has been involved with most of the world's major history movements, watching over them as the Devil's advocate.
    He is deeply involved with Tea's past, after blackmailing Kaiser, Tea's father, into working for him. Kaiser betrayed Lexx with the help of Carreau, and Lexx took his revenge on the Gypsies by burning and killing every one of them, including Tea's parents. Tea escaped the carnage.
    Lexx knows that there is something different about Tea, and possibly sees him as a powerful weapon that he wants to harness and bring to Hell.
    Lexx currently runs a powerful demon business named BZR Inc, though the nature of it is only known to people inside of the building itself.


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