Liel Fildevent

Head Sculpt:
Coffee tan
Female body
  • Reason for choice:
    I just saw her and fell in love!
    Best Points:
    I love her beautifully crafted face and personnality
    Worst Points:
    Her arms do not stay in place really well, so posing is difficult. Her head also is to small for 7-8 wigs, but just a little too big for 6-7 wigs... Quite difficult.
    A long time ago, she was living in a vast kingdom. She was the ruler of all the elves. In constant war with the dwarves, her kingdom was weak and even with her, a gifted tactician, at the head of it.

    Seeing she was losing, this time for good, she asked the best mages in her court to open a portal to anoher dimension. The spell was hard to cast, but they managed to open a door to a world that was not known to them. As the queen, she was chosen to step in the portal, and the mages were to keep it open until she came back with help.

    They never gave up on their queen. But as soon as she was going to step into the portal to come back to her people, she saw one of her mages getting killed by an elf spy. The portal closed just before her eyes, and she was trapped in that world that she didn't know: our world.
  • Favourite colours:
    She likes green and leaves colors.
  • Name story:
    It was the name of one of my caracter in a paper roleplaying game that one of my friend created; Osilia.
    Character age:
    She told me that she was at least 4000 years old; being an elf, she is almost immortal.
    Character gender:
    She is a girl!
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Noble but kind, Liel is all that a queen should be. She still worries about her people, even if she knows she will never be able to go back anymore, magic being non-existant in our world. Generous and nice, people really like her. BUT! She isnt perfect; there are things that she jut doesnt like, for example the color pink, and she makes us know.
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