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Head Sculpt:
Super Dollfie Cute (SDC)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Volks company faceup
    Date of acquisition:
    August 10, 2015
    Purchased secondhand on DOA from Valou. She came with her box, paperwork, and full set, and she was in like-new condition.
    Reason for choice:
    When I saw her sculpt, the character Lily was born suddenly and fully formed, and that experience was very powerful for me.
    Best Points:
    Her lovely face and the shape of her eyes
    Worst Points:
    Her posing and slippery joints
  • Eyes:
    Lavender glass eyes from her full set
    Alpaca fiber, made by me
    Favourite colours:
    Baby pastels is her color palette for everything.
    Fashion style(s):
    Cute, kawaii, girlish, Lolita
    Key fashion accessory:
    Her art supplies: colored pencils, paper, easel, etc.
  • Name story:
    Lily is inspired in part by a young woman and artist named Lily, whom I've known since she was 4 years old.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Dominant element: water (emotion)


    Lily is 16 years old and is an only child. Her parents are hardly ever at home. They travel most of the time, and when they are at home, they are busy working. Lily is homeschooled by a local tutor in her big, mostly empty house. The family's cook makes Lily her meals, and since she was a little girl, Lily has had a tailor who makes her clothes.

    Lily's family is by far the wealthiest in her village and in her region. Lily and her parents live in a large, beautiful stone mansion in the style of a French chateau. It has high vaulted ceilings, huge windows, a library, gardens, a pond, and a lovely courtyard. It isn't the size of a castle, and it doesn't have wings, but it's a large, impressive home. The home is a little secluded, just outside of town, and is adjacent to the family's huge piece of farmland but separated from the farms by woods. Lily can walk into her village and into the adjacent enchanted forest whenever she likes.

    The only attention that Lily receives from her parents is praise for her looks. When Lily was a little girl, her mother would instruct Lily's tailor to make her frilly dresses with bows. Whenever her parents would introduce Lily to their friends, they would comment about how cute she was, and the friends would always agree and praise "cute little Lily" some more. Even though she is 16 now and most girls her age wear more mature clothing, Lily still wears frilly dresses, which her tailor makes for her. She's afraid that she will displease her parents and others if she's no longer cute to them; however, her clothes alienate her from her peers.

    Lily doesn't have any friends in the village, and she is completely misunderstood by her peers - and generally by everyone in the village. Because of her family's wealth and the way that she dresses, people judge her harshly and see her as vain, spoiled, and immature. She is very shy (until you get to know her) and very self-conscious, and she nervously giggles and hides her face, so people think she's a silly, ditzy, frivolous girl.

    Lily loves to draw. She carries her sketchpad, charcoal pencils, and colored pencils everywhere she goes. She often sits under a tree at the edge of the enchanted forest and gazes into the woods. Sometimes she imagines the creatures that live there and draws them. Other times she sits at home in the courtyard, in the garden, or by the pond, and practices drawing the things she sees there. She's learned to be content being by herself as long as she can draw.

    Positive character traits - caring, honest, loyal


Lily is extremely loving. She's a young soul but not a silly one. She's a sweet, genuine, purely good-natured girl. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She is very sensitive and empathetic, and if you got to know her and became her friend, she would become very outgoing and would do anything for you. She's easy to please and very eager to please, and the only thing in the world that she wants is to be your best friend. She is deeply loyal and would never tell you a lie. Her true nature is bittersweet because, deep down, she is very lonely. She's never had a close friend, and she has never received the unconditional love that she would give to you boundlessly.

    Negative character traits - naive, codependent, meek

    Lily is so desperate for love and so loyal to anyone who would befriend her that she's susceptible to being manipulated. She only sees the good in people. She's naive and has no street smarts. She quickly becomes attached to people who pay attention to her, spend time with her, and are kind to her, and she wants to follow them everywhere. It becomes hard for her to be alone; she always wants to be by their side, no matter what they're doing.

    When she's alone, she criticizes herself and overanalyzes everything that she said and did around you. Did she talk too much? Did she say the wrong thing? Will you not like her anymore because of something that she did? She doesn't express what she wants because she is only concerned with what you want, and with pleasing you. She's afraid that she'll do or say something that will make you upset with her - or worse, that you'll leave her. If you gave her constructive criticism as nicely as possible, she would still take it personally, apologize profusely, and overcompensate to try to make it up to you.

    Sometimes Lily does and says insensitive things, even though she would never mean to be insensitive. Lily is privileged. Her family is wealthy. All of her needs are met (except for her need for love and friendship). She has been sheltered from the reality that most of the villagers experience. So she makes assumptions based on her very limited and unique experience, and she's ignorant about the lives of the middle class people who make up her village.


    Lily's mother, Eleanor, is the only doctor in the region. She travels to treat patients in her home village and in the surrounding villages. Her work is her mission in life. She is completely dedicated to practicing medicine, and she has very little time for her husband and daughter.

    Lily's father, Dimitri, owns the farmland that is the primary source of produce for his village and the surrounding villages. He comes from a family of farmers who built a farming empire. He employs many of the local villagers. He manages a team of farmers who are each in charge of a particular crop and the many fields in which it is planted. Each farmer manages many workers who plow, plant, and pick the fields. Dimitri also employs a team of workers who deliver his produce to his village and the neighboring villages. Dimitri oversees and is usually surrounded by a small group of farm managers who report to him and act on his orders. With this team, he also spends much of his time determining the types and amount of produce that must be delivered to neighboring villages, and scheduling produce deliveries. He is often interrupted with questions from his team and new challenges that they require his direction to solve. He doesn't have a workday of defined hours; he is always working. He regularly travels to inspect his farms and solve problems on site.

    Doll relationships

    Lily adores Inara and sees her as the big sister that she always wished she had. Finally she has someone to open up to and be herself with. She can gush to Inara about her dreams and her art projects, and tell Inara things she has never told anyone. Now that Inara is in her life, she can't imagine life without her.


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