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Logan Etheridge

Migidoll/April Story
Head Sculpt:
Normal A
Doll Family H 65cm boy body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Shadowed Force Aesthetics (Myself)
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Shadowed Force Aesthetics (Myself)
    Date of acquisition:
    May 20th, 2013
    Migidoll/April Story websites
    Reason for choice:
    The Ryu sculpt was an unplanned purchase, but he was too cute to pass up!
    Best Points:
    I love Migidoll and April Story's sculpting and realism.
    Worst Points:
    He isn't the best at standing.
  • Eyes:
    16mm brown glass eyes
    Faux fur or soy fiber wigs
    Favourite colours:
    Blue, green, white, tan, brown
    Fashion style(s):
    Logan wears casual clothing that are more colorful and bright, but prefers blue and green.
  • Name story:
    Logan's name was brainstormed amongst a few of my other favorite male names.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Logan is the younger brother who is quite a soft character. He loves his brother a lot but knows he shouldn't bother him too much. However, that doesn't stop him from guilting his brother into some "bonding time" every once and a while. Logan greatly loves nature and animals.
  • [​IMG]


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