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Merry Doll Round / Elfdoll
Head Sculpt:
Rainy Girl Body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    My friend, Xirtoya
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Reason for choice:
    I love Merry Doll Round sculpts and Ophelia and Fang were my top choices. There happened to be Ophelia on our local marketplace so I decided to snatch him up. I also like elfdoll bodies, though they're not the most mobile and well posing bodies out there. I liked how little effort it takes to hide the breasts so it looks more flat (not that it has that much chest anyway...)
    Best Points:
    Face, spare hands.
    Worst Points:
    I have no idea what size wig would actually fit him properly. Also his posing...
    Lucas is 375th L-class Unit.

    He was custom made for old man called John, who needed someone to take care of him and keep him company while he was preparing to die. So his base attributes were adjusted to fit well to nursing and taking care of humans. He is kind and gentle and always speaks in hushed tone, but clearly enough so people have no issues hearing him.

    First years of operation, Lucas loved his life. He loved to watch his master and was always happy to see him wake up, smiling at him and calling him by his name, "Lucas". He loved his name, for it was given to him by his gentle master.

    His days were filled with house chores and taking his master out in a wheelchair. He would often be mistaken as a girl by outsiders and Lucas started to fancy women with their pretty clothes and hair. His master was also starting to see him as a woman and asked Lucas to grow his white hair long and he was happy to let it grow.

    It made both of them happy, to act like they were a married couple. And Lucas was incredibly happy being treated as a house wife, while they would exchange innocent kisses before going to sleep.

    But his master was old and so came the day of his death. While Lucas had all the information of human life and he was fully aware what death was, it struck him hard when his master would no longer wake up from his dreams. It made him feel like he was having one of those "nightmares", his master had told him about. For a whole day, Lucas would just sit beside his bed and sing. "Hearing is the last sense to die." Lucas hoped that his voice would carry his master safely back to the Cycle.

    Then things started to get bad.

    Lucas, as a created being, could not inherit his master's fortune and he was treated as his possession. He was sold to a second hand market because no one really knew what to do with the doll who didn't really belong to anyone because John had no living family left.

    From the Nao Unit Market, Lucas was bought by Mister Jones. He fancied his looks as a blank and the fact that no one saw him the same. Some saw him as a clear male, some as female. It was valuable trait for a prostitute, thought Lucas' new master.

    For several years Lucas would pretty himself up for the night and please customers. He didn't particularly hate his job, because he viewed it like he was healing their desire to connect with someone. He figured that the physical reactions within the human body colliding with artificial skin, somehow healed broken parts of their minds. At least that is what he told himself when he was laying with his customers after the deed was done.

    When Laeh suddenly appears in front of him (out of thin air, I may add), Lucas becomes instantly mesmerized by her. She is long and beautiful, but Lucas can see that her spirit is broken.
    While Laeh does not come to Lucas consciously (and she manages to slip through the security doors undetected) and disappears just as effortlessly as she appears, Lucas holds the weeping woman every time she appears in his room and sings a song he once sang to his master.
  • Eyes:
    Mako eyes 14mm
    Several, as it depends on who is watching him
    Favourite colours:
    White, pastel, "washed" colors.
    Fashion style(s):
    Changes according to need
    Key fashion accessory:
    curly hair, choker.
    When Lucas is:

    not with clients, Lucas prefers big cardigans and shorts with big socks.

    with clients, he likes to decorate himself. He does his hair and wears high quality fabrics and fashion. He loves to wear accessories and he loves Geisha fashion.

    when he is taken in by Laeh, he prefers to wear comfortable but flashy clothes. He loves neat shirts and vests.
  • Name story:
    Lucas (Nao Unit L375)
    Character age:
    He was created about 16 years ago, but resembles a 21-year-old
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Lucas is kind and warm person. He has strong strive to nurture and heal other around him. He loves old people (especially men) and often volunteers to work at a senior house on his days off (after he is rescued by Laeh, he becomes assistant to her).

    While he feel jealous for the "real girls" for their beautiful bodies and their ability to bear children, Lucas is fine with himself.

    He wishes that spending time with Laeh would grant him a chance to talk to his master, who has returned to Cycle upon death.
  • [​IMG]


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