Luci Akuma

CP Luts / Fairyland
Head Sculpt:
MiniFee Shiwoo
Beauty White
CP Luts MiniFee Body (The first ones ever made)
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    Date of acquisition:
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    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Type: CP LUTS Mini Fee Shiwoo
    Name: Lucifer Akuma
    Nickname(s): Luci
    Age: Looks 10 - Immortal (He is a lot older in demon years)
    Birthdate: Unknown
    Favourite colours: Red
    Skin: Beauty White
    Hair: Red with a black streak
    Eyes: Red (Blue in the pic as it's old)
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Look: Red, black and white like his brothers.
    Likes: His brothers Belial, Loki and Meph, playing tricks, being cute.
    Dislikes: Not much
    Secrets: -
    Personality: Luci is Belial's twin brother, and as such, is just as naughty as Belial!
    Background: Luci is the brother of Belial, Loki and Mephisto. He attends Devil School with them, and is one of the younger devils, along with Belial.
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