Head Sculpt:
SwD Una
  • You have to understand: they, the residents of the village at the base of the mountain of Endless, love the cranes. They arrive with the breath of winter, and leave with the end of the cold. It is said that the first crane circled the village three times, and that was when the founder decided that this was the place where he would build a home bordering the mountains.

    But there are cranes and there are Cranes. The people would tell stories, breaths barely louder than the sigh of the stove-fire. “They were born on the highest point of Endless”, they said in hushed voices, pointing out the window at the edge where mountain vanished into clouds. “It is only fitting that Gods are born where Heaven has touched. In years where even your great grandmother has never seen, they walked the lands as common as men.”

    “So why aren’t they here?” children always wanted to know.

    “Because of themselves. Because ants cannot kill an eagle, but other eagles might. They fought each other like animals do, like when humans lose all senses. You see, as immortal and ethereal as they are, some things stay the same. And when Spirits disagree, they destroy everything in their wake.”

    They said they had already died out, but there was still one left: a Crane that flew beneath the stars and above the clouds, seen as nothing but a dark wisp.
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