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Lydia Moonchild

Doll Chateau
Head Sculpt:
Stacy Head
Normal Pink
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Violetemon (Ekaterina on Flickr)
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Possibly LiebeLiebe (bjdclub.ru)?
    Date of acquisition:
    9 March 2017
    Purchased from lyubaliebe on eBay. She was sent with her Doll Chateau box and pillow and CoA.
    Reason for choice:
    Her original owner sold her at half the price, with face-up, three wigs and two sets of outfits and lovely moccasins! It was a great deal... and I've always wanted a Doll Chateau doll.
    Best Points:
    Her face-up, adorable parting lips and those teeth!
    Thick, strong and sturdy resin.
    Worst Points:
    Face-up needs re-touching. (She's 2 years old)
    Minor yellowing (even).
    Her left leg is just so awkward to work with in sitting positions, but I notice this problem with almost all my dolls. One leg is awkward, the other is fine.
    Doesn't stand well at all.
    Lydia's profile will be updated often!

    When Lydia arrived home she was covered in grime, now this is either a problem from the first owner's packaging or customs unwrapping the doll, either way... It added character. It really fit her as she's a complete wild child. Dirt is part of her character. Even her manipedi is flakey, but I say this is because you can't tame a wild wolf like Lydia.
    I found white strands of animal fur in her clothing and wig too, but I like to believe this fur is her own. ;)
  • Eyes:
    Green, Acrylic (Unknown Brand/Unbranded)
    Black (Unknown Brand/Unbranded)
    Favourite colours:
    Dingy orange, rusty red, dry soil brown and dusty pink.
    Fashion style(s):
    Gypsy, boho-chic and tribal all in one.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Her crystal crown and brown moccasins! Made by her first owner, LiebeLiebe.
    Lydia is most fond of wearing fur pelts and bones (as necklaces or bracelets) from animals she's hunted, however she's not very keen on leathers. She finds leathers far too restrictive, and simply hates the feel of it. She doesn't seem to like metal very much either.
    She loves draping her furs over her shoulders as a shawl and layering them over her long, dusty pink skirt.
  • Name story:
    Her name appeared in my mind out of seemingly nowhere, but this little witch might have planted it there!
    (Other theories include: my subconscious mind choosing the name after viewing an Elfdoll Lydia.)
    Character age:
    1-2 Wolf Years / ? Human Years
    Character gender:
    Cisgender Woman
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Subject to Frequent Updates.

    Lydia refers to herself as a Child of the Moon, she views the Moon as her Goddess. She was not born human, instead Lydia was born as a wolf whelp, to a wolf mother in a wolf pack. Lydia spent most of her life in her wolf form but one day, she was separated from her pack. When trying to rejoin her pack she came across the dwelling of a reclusive shaman, a shaman without a tribe to guide. Curious, the young whelp approached the shaman. To her amazement, the strange creature whom adorned itself in the furs of its prey, could understand her perfectly and she could understand it as well.

    This shaman explained to Lydia that there is a connection between man and wolf. There are those who can bridge the gap between the two, they are the connection. These humans and wolves are known as werewolves. One is human at birth, and turns feral on a full moon. The other is wolf at birth, and turns feral on a full moon. Feral is a form that is humanoid and wolf-like. Both human-werewolves and wolf-werewolves are taught how to control their abilities, and how to transform into a human or wolf at will.

    Under the guidance of this shaman Lydia learned precisely this, along with the ways of a Lunar Shaman. Lydia became an apprentice to the shaman, a young witch in training. The shaman had become a parent in Lydia's eyes, a pack leader. When her Shaman sent her away to live with humans, Lydia was saddened and angered. Her Shaman had given her her new name and now she was sending her away? How could she? After all they had been through together? But deep down, Lydia understood. She had to live among humans in order to truly understand them, to grow as a shaman. To find her own tribe to lead. To lead her own pack. To bridge the gap.

    The first human Lydia lived with was a kind Russian woman, a woman who much to Lydia's dismay simply couldn't understand her but she did love her. Now Lydia lives with our family, sharing her knowledge with our alchemist, Morose, and learning about our peculiar group of humans, an undead extraterrestrial and an undead literal half elf, all in a very strange time compared to her own tribal world.

    - - -
    Lydia is very playful and affectionate. She doesn't seem to have an aggressive bone in her body! Some might say she's more whelp than grown wolf, and they wouldn't be far from the truth. Lydia is still a young wolf despite her mature appearance in human form. It appears that she is an adolecent wolf, therefore only 2 wolf years old.
    She specialises in crystal magic, as we've all learned after noticing her crystal crown. According to Lydia, this is some of the magic used by Lunar Shamans. She has explained that the moon itself charges the crystals they use in healing, spell casting, assisting nature, enhancing drinking water (which is beneficial knowledge she shares with our humans in their radiation tainted world) and communication with higher beings; this is how she connected to Moonsong, who 'connected' her to their world.
    Lydia is especially fond of Moonsong, because of her name, alien scent and the fact she was the first person she met, who already provided her with help in reaching the humans of 'the New World'.

    As Lydia is now used to our family, it turns out Lydia is extremely aggressive when someone she loves is threatened in any way what so ever, she's like a mother wolf protecting her whelps. She doesn't appear to tolerate disrespect aimed to those she loves, even when it's unintentional. She is quick to pounce on them, demanding they correct their mistakes.
    Lydia has also become very close to a new man in the family, a kind but impish shapeshifter who often changes his name. He usually goes by Dorris, instead of hair he has a head of raven feathers. The two will often be found rough housing, with Lydia in her wolf form, nipping at Dorris's limbs, or Dorris bearing a pair of frighteningly sharp chompers, biting at Lydia only for our agile wolf to jump out of the way, wagging her tail and prancing away with an air of confidence surrounding her. Or the two of them tackling one another. It's all in good fun, of course.

    Lydia has grown more adept in her duties as a bridge between man-kind and wolf-kind. It is obvious she is well versed in the ways of the wolf, but she is still learning about the complexities of humans and human culture. Lydia has learned to look at humans and wolves on an individual basis and never jump to conclusions. She understands now, that the relationship between humans and pet wolves, or dogs, is a very complex and personal thing. Some wolves choose to stay with humans to benefit themselves and the human, others stay besides humans as friends but then, she was curious about the leash. She was disgusted by the leash as much as she was by dogs. She now understands that humans are paranoid, fearful creatures, as nervous as snakes or lone horses. She has learned that humans feel the need to control everything out of fear.
    Humans are intimidated by a wild wolf, the free spirit of wolves and their seemingly 'unpredictable' nature.
    The enemy is ignorance. Humans and wolves, both ignorant to one another's cultures. The next is arrogance. How the proud wolf looks down upon the fragile human, how the proud human looks down upon the wild wolf.
    Lydia accepts that it is her duty to rid both humans and wolves of their arrogance and mend their ignorance. A wolf is no less than a human, a human is no less than a wolf. They are different, and that is all but they can live in harmony if they choose respect and friendship, over pride and control.

    Lydia has recently befriended a fellow werewolf who has become her first pack member, she has made it her duty to help him heal from past wounds and mentor him in crystal magic. He requested that she bestow upon him a new name, she had intended to do so before if he permitted her, and so he is now known as Rubin.

    Wolf time moves so quickly. Growth is rapid and Lydia is no longer the 'teen wolf' I knew, she is like her Shaman Mother was; kind but stern, wise and strong, and Rubin is gaining is knowledge, confidence and courage quickly.

    Rubin has recently joined OUR household, thank you to @Refashionable!

    Young, inexperienced but greatly determined and brave Rubin and wise Lydia are forming a pack of their their own. Much like the story of the She-Wolf of Lamar Canyon, this pack will be led by the alpha female, Lydia. Which in wolf packs is most unsual. However, we have to note that a werewolf pack is not the same as a wolf pack. As Lydia herself has made it her duty to incoporate the best of both human culture and wolf culture into her pack.

    Oh, how time flies by, Lydia grows ever closer to the time she will give birth to her beloved whelps. Their godfather, the shapeshifter Dorris, has grown much happier since he learned of Lydia's pregnancy. The day he learned about them, he gifted Lydia with five feathers from his feathered head, a feather to represent each member of the family. The mother, the father, the two whelps she will bring into the world and their godfather.
    Although when Rubin first met Dorris, he felt insecure around him. Rubin was raised by two shapeshifter Fae, and he had always felt inferior to them in some way, not that they ever intended for him to feel like that, of course not! However, they were odd parents to have by human, wolf or werewolf standards. Dearest Rubin has also struggled with the idea of being a father, it's not that he doesn't want to, no! He does, but these are his first whelps and he wants to be perfect for their sake and his own. Lydia has been well aware of his feelings and throughout the entire journey, she supports him and he supports her.

    A few nights later and the three, along with other friends in the household including Dorris' long-lost human lover (Piskus, the time travelling anarchist), set forth on a hunt. Lydia lead her pack through the snow, her pelt speckled with threads of white along her chest, her back, her ears and top to tip of her tail, if one were ignorant they'd have thought she was coated in flakes of the freshly fallen evening snow. Rubin blended in well among the brown bark of the woods, while Dorris surprised us all, as even his wolf form had a coat of abyssal feathers.

    At the end of the night, although their hunt was unsuccessful it didn't matter, they were happy. Everyone had grown closer to one another, which is precisely what the purpose of a hunt is to Lydia.

    Days later and Lydia set forth on a new project, crafting a crystal, an already living and sentient being, a humanoid form.

  • Enjoy some amateurish photography!
    ~ ~ ~

    Lydia posed in front of the flowers above my bed.

    Gazing out the window.

    Wolf in the meadow.


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