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Magwin Breedlove-Sinstrike

Magic Mirror
Head Sculpt:
Caramel (Light Tan)
Female body V1
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Summer 2016
    Original box and CoA, Nanyalin's faceup and body blushing
    Reason for choice:
    *The style of her face and sculpting reminded me of Greg Weisman's Gargoyles
    *She was a steal
    Best Points:
    *Smooth posability
    *Weight and feel of resin
    Worst Points:
    *Her hands, while expressive, make her impossible to dress without taking off, and can be scary.
    *She's a little tipsy
    (Yes, I will take a good picture of her face one day.)
  • Eyes:
    12mm Pie by MelonpanMarket
    Unknown black 7/8 fur/fiber hybrid
    Favourite colours:
    Autumn shades, black
    Fashion style(s):
    Victorian, Medieval, Gothic influences.

    (I also dress this doll in modern clothes, purely because she looks great)
  • Name story:
    I have elven characters named for most of the different black birds found in classic English literature. Magwin's is akin to 'Magpie'.
    Character age:
    Young Adult
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    In every band of hoodlums there is a voice of reason. For the residents of the guard bunker, Basiliskgate, that voice is Magwin. The pawn of old money and older family traditions, she was dragged there against her will with the intent to marry her to her distant cousin, Thaevyn, and keep the inheritance in the family. Thaevyn- hundreds of years her senior- had no desire to be chained to this girl or saddle her with his own problems. Magwin herself had acquired some admirers, being of that age when one is tasting certain freedoms for the first time. She would not be burdened by this arrangement, no. With a midnight carriage-ride secured, she intended to run away with a man of her choosing.

    ...Fairytales and fantasy; that's what those stories are made of. The chosen suitor was not what he seemed- very quickly she found herself dragged into illegal activity. Theft, bribery, and blackmail were not her style, and thanks to a timely intervention by her new companions, she was quickly deposited back at Basiliskgate. Back to where she started.

    In trying to avoid Thaevyn, she forged two new bonds: the curious and carefree templar, Beliaer, and the sullen drone, Vrishka. Magwin was present when Vrishka first arrived at Basiliskgate, and felt pity for his equally-forced residence. He too was trapped within an inescapable social spiral, and though the drone was unbearably rude, something sparked. Beliaer would not give up on him- he insisted on befriending this volatile man. So with nothing better to do, Magwin decided to follow suit. At first it didn't seem to be working. He refused all charity, and was dragged into passive activities kicking and screaming. She didn't think they were gaining any ground.

    ...Vrishka was the one who tracked her down when she disappeared. Without him, her rescuers may never have found her. She regarded him differently after. Beliaer was right. Clearly compassion could make a difference. Even if it was undeserved. Even if they didn't seem to be breaking through. She would befriend him. She would befriend him no matter how he protested.

    In time, it did pay off. Magwin, Vrishka, and Beliaer grew close- a sibling-like bond, forged in mutual understanding. Long after they went their separate ways, they were never truly parted. When Magwin married Thaevyn, the men stood in place of bridesmaids. When Beliaer left to fight in crusades and settle civil rebellions, Vrishka would write to her about it. And about his thoughts- his growing understanding of the civilized world. Things he had started to remember. She kept every letter. She would send him momentos of her travels; he and Beliaer would compose poetry for her entertainment, and save her clippings and samples to put in projects, or grow in her conservatory. Back and forth.

    It was Magwin who instilled in Vrishka his love of gardening. Refurbishing the grounds was Beliaer's idea, but she taught him the patience of nurturing plants. In her honor was the Gate's new garden constructed, and she was the first guest to enter.

    Magwin is a thinker, but relies more on intuition that strategy. Still maturing, she is not the longest fuse, but she has gained a reputation for being patient after the process of wearing down Vrishka. Quick with a laugh or a smile, she is a lady trained in proper manners- manners she partially forgoes in Gate company. Although she possesses no magical talent, she is hands-on and increasingly decent with a pistol. Thaevyn and Vrishka have taught her how to spar. She loves books and theatre and shopping as much as she enjoys running barefoot through a forest or building tiny dams in wayward streams. Beliaer says she has an adventurer's soul, and she seems determined to live up to that reputation, even if she's not at the party forefront.


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