Malia Nabokov

Head Sculpt:
Light Tan
Senior Delf Type 6
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Angel Toast
    Date of acquisition:
    Traded for!
    Reason for choice:
    Love me some Luts
    Best Points:
    Gorgeous color and sculpting
    Worst Points:
    Knees are very odd on this body type and a bit tricky to use.
  • Eyes:
    Temp Alpaca
    Favourite colours:
    Red and pink
    Key fashion accessory:
    Red lips
  • Name story:
    Malia Nabokov
    Character age:
    Stopped aging around age 22
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Malia is a prior human turned vampire. She was sold by her parents to the vampire lord Otieno who had his eye on her. Stricken with anger once turned against her will, she slaughtered the small village she once called home. In the coming years Otieno was killed by a scorned guild. And soon after her best friend, Adam, whom was also a vampire turned against his will, chose to end his life. This left Malia all alone in the world.

    Over the passing of Adam, Malia befriended his brother, Belmont. A hunter whom treats the vampire woman like a sibling. She would visit from time to time to spend time at Adam's grave site. Never staying too long for she did not want to interfere in Belmont's wife and children's lives.

    That was until Malia settled into a small cabin in the woods near her original home village. Senri, a disabled 13 year old boy from a nearby orphanage, happened upon the cabin while exploring and mistook Malia for a witch who was just as lonely as him. The two formed an unlikely friendship. Until one day, there was an accident and Senri nearly died. Not wanting to lose another friend, Malia committed a taboo and turned a child. It was only a couple days before the vampire council learned of this taboo committed and captured Malia. She had prepared for this by hiding Senri while sending a letter to Belmont to retrieve him.

    In punishment, Malia had been drained of her blood and placed in a coffin to bury. Something that would not kill her. Only make her suffer. Belmont eventually rescued Malia but she has since been stuck in a stasis due to her punishment. She currently is hidden away deep in Belmont's castle home while the hunter looks after Senri until she awakens.


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