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Head Sculpt:
Honey Delf
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    DOA marketplace
    Reason for choice:
    I wanted a yosd and she was for sell. I thought she was cute so I bought her.
    Best Points:
    She poses super well!! She has the best balance of all my dolls and I love her.
  • Eyes:
    lalahome0418 on Ebay
    Favourite colours:
  • Character age:
    10 (and a half)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Mary is very determined, and stubborn as a mule. She is cheeky and cleverer than most people think. She more often than not finds herself in trouble but no one can stay angry with her when she smiles so sweetly and innocently. She knows that, and of course she uses and abuses it. She can’t help herself, when adventure calls she just has to answer; it’s like an itch that need to be scratched.

    She is still a child but she has that sort of maturity that one can find in those that have seen too much. She is an orphan, though no one really know what happened.

    She was dropped at the forecourt in front of Sven’s (another of my character, a priest) church on a Saturday afternoon by a grey car. Some other children in the courtyard have seen the car stop for a moment, the back door open and a little four years old tumble out. Seconds later a bag was thrown next to her and the car went away. The children saw no one else but that little girl, she stayed standing on the side walk fixing the road as if hoping for whoever dropped her there to come back for a long time. When night started to fall and she had finally sad down to cry the children went to warn Sven. The priest took her in and contacted the police; no matter what they did, no one found her parents and Mary refused to say what happen.

    It was decided then, that she’d stay at Sven’s orphanage. It was pretty difficult to adjust at first but Alice, the oldest of the orphan made sure Mary felt at home. The two quickly became like sisters. Alice made sure Mary never despaired; and Mary chose to look at things from the bright side which amazed and worried everyone. She smiled and laughed more often than any other children, she joked around and was generally so full of life and mischief than in the end no one questioned her about her life before anymore. During the years people tried to adopt her but she always refused, throwing such big tantrums than Sven judged it better to just let her be.

    Things changed when Danaïl, an injured man that Sven took in and nursed back to health, (and another of my character) started to work in the orphanage to repay his debt. Mary liked him immediately and did everything she could to stay with him all day long. She sneaked out of classes, hid, and even volunteer to help clean the kitchen once. It was endearing and Dan obliged her nearly all the time. He took to call her Princess Mary, because her wishes could never go long without being fulfilled. Out of the blue she decided that Dan would be her new father, there was nothing Sven nor Dan could do to change her mind, and try they did.

    When Sven dismissed Danaïl away after a child got hurt because of him (that another long story) Mary was heartbroken. She stopped smiling and stayed hours upon hours looking at the wall. Sven and the others tried to cheer her up but nothing worked.

    One days, nearly two months after Dan’s departure Mary went to Alice and beg her to help find him. Reluctant at first, Alice gave up and started to look for a way contact Dan. Three days after she told Mary where he could be, Mary ran away from the orphanage to find him. Sven was worried sick, he nearly slapped Alice for what she did and of course Mary got lost and was brought back by the police. But she was determined to go and find her ‘dad’.

    Stubborn as she is there was nothing Sven could do but relent and contact Dan. Danaïl who similarly had little choice but to adopt Mary - and Alice because Mary would not go without her big sister.
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