Masami Hijikata

Head Sculpt:
Hikaru Genji
SD17 Genji default
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    January 2009
    Yahoo Auctions Japan
    Reason for choice:
    fell in love with the fullset
    Best Points:
    his face <3 his outfit <3
    Although I gave my boy a new identity and story, he is wearing the Genji fullset most of the time :sweat 25259195837_646860d078_k.jpg
  • Eyes:
    Volks HG Glass Eyes / Gray with White Line, 16mm
    sometimes Genji default, black / also Dollga W101 Royal Grey
  • Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Masami is a poor soul who is still bound to this world.

    In his life he was the only son of a rich and successful head of a leading company and was very strictly raised to become the promising successor one day. When he was a teenager he got aware that he desired men over women, when he fell in love with the son of the butler. But he was afraid and confused about his feelings and tried hard to hide it.
    He was too afraid to disappoint his father so he surpressed his desires and delved into his studies and books. At this time he started to write novels but when his father found out about this, he scolded him and ordered him to deepen his studies at school. Masami's father told him, that he would never accept an useless writer of stupid trash - his place must be at the top of the famous Hijikata empire.

    When Masami got 19 his father arranged a wedding for his son. He was totally despaired and still confused about his feelings which he still tried to repress, but he had no other choice unless to disappoint his father and so he married the woman who was chosen for him. Masami obedient followed his fathers plans and continued his life like before: hiding his deepest desires and working hard to forget. He and his wife got two children, but the idyllic family life was just a facade. Masami hardly came home to his wife and children, most of the time he spent at his office working overtime or business trips. Whenever his forbidden desires for other men got unbearable, he called young boys who gave him short pleasure for money. Masami hated himself for this so much, he felt filty and bad, and often treated his prostitutes like dirt. Not only he hated himself, he hated his whole life and the mask he had to wear. At the age of 32 he commited suicide.

    Now as he lives between our world and the astral level, he feels peace. He spends most of the time (and he's got plenty of time since "time" really is relative in his state) writing novels and listening to music. But still he hasn't realized that the cause for his new easygoing life was actually his death.
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