Head Sculpt:
Original Star 63.5cm girl
  • Face-up artist(s):
    The White Tree Aesthetics
    Date of acquisition:
    January 2014
    Impldoll direct (through Alice's Collections)
    Reason for choice:
    I wanted a shy, aloof-kind of looking girl
    Best Points:
    Height - she is pretty close to my 65-70cm range boys. Also she poses really well, and her hands are very expressive.
    Worst Points:
    Her head is proportionately very small to all of my boys. Also the resin got shiny really quickly.
  • Eyes:
    14mm glass from Alice's Collections (I'm unsure of the model number as I got them for free, and unlabelled)
    8-9 Leeke W_129 in RoyalChampagne
    Favourite colours:
    browns, anything camouflage-y
    Fashion style(s):
    post-apocalyptic grungey
    Key fashion accessory:
    Ushanka and goggles, coats with lots of pockets
    Signature scent: sage, honey, musk (Possets Arizona); dry and crisp, with a touch of sweetness from the honey - like a cross-country trek through arid wastelands.
  • Name story:
    >_> I got stuck thinking of things that rhymed with the sculpt name, and suddenly remembered the singer Morissey, and couldn't not think about it. :( So I changed the spelling, and I love it! :D
    Character age:
    early 30s
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Morrisey is in my Fallout fan story. She is a traveling merchant who keeps a standard route east and west roughly along Interstate 80 of the US. She stops off at different settlements along the way to trade and barter. Proficient in hand-to-hand combat, she is generally left alone along her trips. As a merchant carrying necessities across the country, regular folks are just happy to see her. However, raiders and bandits avoid her, as she is too much trouble for them to deal with should they try to steal from her.
    Morrisey is the strong silent type; she prefers the solitude of traveling alone. When in contact with anyone, she rarely speaks to unless absolutely necessary. If threatened, however, she will quickly snap and exhibit a tranquil fury - she displays no outward show of emotion; rather, she appears abnormally calm, cool and focused, but she becomes very physically violent and can subdue enemies with little effort. And she is rather strong for her build, so she can cause quite a lot of damage. However this is something that rarely happens, as most people know of her reputation and leave her alone.
    Morrisey is on civil terms with numerous warring factions, as well as the homesteaders and other communities throughout the remainder of the US. Morrisey doesn't worry about getting caught in any crossfire though, all the different sides need her services, so she is allowed to travel in peace.
    But in particular, there is Declan, one of the founding members of the Sanctuary. He has a bit of a crush on Morrisey. Morrisey is aware of this, and when her route takes her through the area, she will come by to visit him, but basically only for the services Declan can provide her. She isn't the type to settle down anywhere, but there is something about him that keeps her coming back. ;)
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