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Nathancrius Celentino

Head Sculpt:
Gem of Doll
  • Date of acquisition:
    Body in December 2017, head in January 2018
    Head purchased from Zomjirate, body from Ebay. Body came in original box with papers.
    Reason for choice:
    Expression. Odd proportions.

    ...It's rare to see a softer male doll with such a short, square jaw and thick forehead. He's a character.
    Best Points:
    *Awesome slouch
    Worst Points:
    *Evil thighs
    *Finicky ankles
  • Eyes:
    14mm silver Etsy
    Made by Zomjirate
    Favourite colours:
    Nathancrius dresses to the max. In costume he's a diva; extravagant but tasteful. 'Overkill' would best describe his style. Ruffles, corsets, kimonos and layers. Lots of makeup.

    Off hours, his clothing choices are restricted. Blouses and tight pants with large belts. Thigh-high boots. Plain.

    He likes to wear his mother's jewelry.
  • Character age:
    Young Adult
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Everybody who's anybody in the fae world has been to the Vox Vulgaris. A seedy tavern-brothel in the slums of old London, it boasts an exotic array of talent...and a loyal patronage. The current Baroness has been in charge for some time, and keeps the establishment's reputation high. The service is excellent; the entertainment spectacular. Every valet and star is well-groomed and mannered; never shabby or under-fed.

    From the way they laughed and bantered, you'd almost forget they were slaves.

    Nathancrius and his mother were captured during a deforesting. Further misfortune befell them once they reached the English mainland, for their captors separated them. Her jewelry chest and a few personal items traveled with him, and he wears them to this day in her memory.

    Nathancrius is a performer, not a prostitute. He makes a clear distinction. There's nothing janky about his act... minus the fact that he plays a woman. Good crossdressers were a hot commodity of the business; expensive to hire, but why hire when you could mold one? For months the Baroness scrounged the markets until she found a face pretty enough with a good voice attached. Everything he knows she and her girls taught him. Everything he does is by her design... though he adds his own embellishments.

    As one of the longest members in the lineup, he has some sway. Performers all look to him as mentor; every new girl is brought to 'Mamma Nan' for an appraisal and makeover. But he didn't earn the nickname for being a peacock. Under the flamboyant exterior is a gentle soul and a kind- if superstitious- heart. Despite the nature of the business, he is rather naive.

    ...And quiet. Rarely does he share his thoughts with others. Every part of his life is so carefully scrutinized that they are the one thing he clings to. No performer must go out looking less than smart. The Baroness does not like to break the illusion of the performance. For Nan this means a rigorous checklist. "Does the blouse hide your shoulders? Did you shave thoroughly? Is everything tucked?" An irritating game to say the least.

    The fae are suffering. Hunters and society encroach on hallowed grounds. Hiding places dwindle. Even at the worst of times, Vox Vulgaris remains a pinnacle of entertainment. Still, desperation lingers. Recently the Baroness has partnered with the university Nightholm, offering financial compensation and news in exchange for cloaking spells and favors. Why a school and a brothel would align is the question on every lip. She has assigned Nathancrius as their primary liaison. Hardly his strong suite.

    ...At least the school has a cute go-between. Who happens to be a he. Nathancrius did not mistake him for a woman and try to flirt with him more than once, no Sir. It was just...bad coincidence. And some glamor. After all, the guy is a unicorn. Maybe one of these days he'll have a change of heart, and they can form a beautiful friendship.

    And maybe swine will sprout wings.

    Oh well; he'll still hold the door for him. Despite starting on the wrong foot with Kinga, Nathancrius has managed to worm his way into the other students' hearts. A boon which keeps him on Madame Morganus' roster... if not her good graces. In a goodwill gesture, she permits him basic classes, despite his lack of magic. At least he means well.

    He loathes clashing patterns, tackiness, men who hit women, and the nickname 'Nanny Goat'. A true primadonna. Someone should dump a bucket of water on him.


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