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Nivah Almasi

Freakstyle BJD
Head Sculpt:
Pale tan
Freakstyle mini body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Purchased directly from Silk via her indiegogo
    Reason for choice:
    Because I though she was the most beautiful mature female doll I'd ever seen. The character came after.
    Best Points:
    Face and body sculpt. She looks wonderful overall
    Worst Points:
    The lack of locking mechanisms. She's not a bad poser, but because she's very bottom heavy it's harder to make her stand steady, so locking mechanisms in the legs and hips would really help. But it's not a big issue.
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  • Eyes:
    Dollbakery Pancakes 10mm
    Microbraided alpaca, by me
    Favourite colours:
    Blue, green, pink, gold
    Fashion style(s):
    Elegant. Tight fit tops and bodices, often off-shoulder, often embroidered or beaded. Mostly bright colours. Usually wears dresses or skirts, but she'll occasionally also wear fitted jeans or silk trousers.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Headband or head scarf
  • Name story:
    For the first name I was just toying around with letters in my head. I wanted something made up that rolled nicely off the tongue imo, and settled on Nivah. For last name I was browsing lists of Arabian last names till I found something that worked well with her first name and that I she'd like the meaning of (in story she changed her last name from her family's name, so she picked it herself)
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Biography: Nivah was born to Saudi-Arabian parents of Ethiopian descent. When she was only a few years old her father moved to the UK for work, and his wife and then only child moved with him. They've been living in the UK ever since, and Nivah now has two younger siblings; brother Mahmoud and sister Aisha.

    Niv's a transgender, lesbian woman. When she came out at the age of 18, her highly religious, conservative parents didn't really take it well. She moved out, started her transition and changed her name to Nivah. She also changed her last name on her parents' request, so she wouldn't be "associated with their family". Although she doesn't have much contact with her parents, she retains close ties to both of her siblings, and they often come to visit her.

    She's now studying to become a psychologist, and works part time as a bartender.

    Because of her height (she's almost 1,90 tall) she has typically had problems finding clothes. Through a friend of hers she learnt of a local up-and-coming clothing brand with a focus on diversity who needed models, and got a deal with them where she models and gets custom-fitted clothes as payment. The two women who run the shop, Song-Hwa and Naminé, make all her clothes now themselves.

    Personality: To people she knows well, she's a very blunt person. She speaks her mind and is stubborn as all hell, which has caused some rather aggressive fights between her and the people she's closest to. But when people she know is down, she's the best at listening and giving advice. When she doesn't know a person, she's very careful about what she says as she doesn't yet know what they've experienced in their life, and despite her direct and occasionally even rude nature she never wants to hurt anyone or scare anyone off. She's a very avid listener when someone talks, as one of her main hobbies is figuring out what makes a person tick.

    In some ways, she's a huge hypocrite, but she's aware of it and tries to not make it influence how she behaves. She herself belongs to a lot of marginalized groups, and yet she's harboring a lot of prejudice and stereotypes towards some marginalized groups, even occasionally to those she herself belongs to. Most of it's probably due to influences from her childhood, which she's working hard to overcome.

    Likes/dislikes (will be updated):
    She loves gold and pink, but tends to go for vivid greens and blues mostly when it comes to clothes, as she finds those colours to suit her better.
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