Head Sculpt:
Dear SD Nono
Volks Dear SD
  • Date of acquisition:
    Ever since I first saw the information about Volk's new body type Dear SD and saw a picture of DSD Nono, I have wanted one! The sculpt is so chubby, taking the good parts of an antique doll and expressing it in adorable BJD form! Of course when they first came out, Volks provided a lovely set of photos but no way for international fans to buy these beautiful dolls. Months and three Japanese releases passed before Volks USA finally held a lottery for these beauties! I was so excited I entered on the first day... only for Volk's website to crash and be down for a month, delaying the lottery.

    When the website was finally back up, I once again put in my my lottery entry for a DSD Nono. Like everyone else, I waited and kept checking my email. Finally, people on this forum starting announcing that they had received winning emails, but I still hadn't gotten anything. I kept checking and checking, but I had to finally admit to myself that I didn't win the lottery. But then one evening a week later, I checked my email and saw I had a winning email from Volks! My best guess is that someone had won but cancelled, so Nono was reallocated to me. I was thrilled! She came exactly as I had pictured her. I have never pined for a doll for so long before, but my Nono is finally home!
  • Name story:
    I am the worst at names! I love the Nono face sculpt and I can't seem to shake the name "Nono", so now I have Nono, Nono, and Baby Nono. I really can't think of DSD Nono as anything except Nono, unless I want to call her chubby Nono!
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    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    DSD is a sweet girl, definitely the gentlest of my Nonos!


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