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Nuira Wingrave

Head Sculpt:
Old Pure Normal
RTG60-2 59cm body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    October 5, 2013
    Reason for choice:
    There's a certain darkness about her that I liked...
    Best Points:
    Versatile face sculpt, elbow joints wonderful at holding poses.
    Worst Points:
    Her legs are rather kicky, and she doesn't like to stand much.
  • Eyes:
    Leekworld LG-054 14mm glass
    Lullaby Poem LPW017 8-9" (Sakura)
    Favourite colours:
    Yellow, pink and dark green
    Fashion style(s):
    Cute but sophisticated dresses in darker colors, with bright accessories
    Key fashion accessory:
    Iron crown
    Outfit: Volks Retro Coat set
    Shoes: Volks SB-SD16G-057
    Accessories: Atrium Hoshino "Prisoner Choker", Ringdoll Rot96 Crown

    Appearance: Nuira has strawberry blonde hair which falls to her shoulders in luxurious curls and compliments her odd, technicolor yellow-and-pink eyes. Almost angelic or doll-like she nearly always sports a faint, mischievous smile, like she’d just heard a joke only she understands. However, her entire affect invariably shifts in a somewhat terrifying way if she has been provoked or angered.

    Attire: She customarily wears a dark green coat dress with beige trim over a black-frilled coral skirt, a brass chain choker fettered around her neck and a large, spiked iron crown atop her head. To add a more girly--and perhaps conflicting--aspect to the look she affixes a bright yellow ribbon to the front of her jacket and sports a pair of black Mary Jane-style platform pumps.
  • Name story:
    Nuira - future tense of French verb "nuire", "to harm or spoil" (or, "she/it will harm/hurt).
    Wingrave - from a personal name composed of the elements "wiht", meaning creature, and "hun", bearcub, plus the Olde English "graf", grove.
    Character age:
    Mid-to-late teens
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    She's known as the "wraith of the worlds", a disembodied soul with a grudge so great that she not only failed to renounce her hatred, she actually turned against the forces trying to redeem her. After breaking free of the Liminal Rooms (Purgatory), the person now named "Nuira Wingrave" plots to do whatever she can to wreak havoc on the parallel worlds and sate her thirst for vengeance, if only out of spite for the life she never had.
    Full Name: Nuira Wingrave
    Species: Wraith, formerly human
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Status: Deceased; in limbo
    Age: Appears to be somewhere in her late teens
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'3" / 160 cm
    Weight: 100 lbs / 45 kg
    Hair color: Strawberry blonde
    Eye color: Pale yellow and pink
    Myers-Briggs: ISTP
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Sexual orientation: ???
    Traits: Sweet at first glance but actually obsessive, conniving, deceitful and somewhat sadistic. Best avoided if possible.
    Personality: Nuira is a horribly twisted person, the inner workings of her mind so bizarre that no one can ever predict what she’ll do next, whether it’s to sweet-talk an unsuspecting victim or outright attack them to claim their body. She puts up the front of a cutesy, slightly airheaded teenage girl, often complimenting Missionaries on their personality or appearance, but this is only to draw them close to her so that they may manipulate them for her own gain.

    She favors emotionally vulnerable individuals as her prey, taking immense pleasure in making their lives miserable through the power of suggestion. While she may pretend to be your closest friend, it's far more likely that she's actually your worst enemy, and should be held at arm's length.

    And while Nuira is by no stretch of the imagination a good person, she still seems to harbor a desire for love and acceptance, although her attempts to gain as much are sadly twisted by her paranoia and desire for control.

    Likes: Small feathers, cloudy weather, scissors, being with her "beloved"
    Dislikes: Detractors from herself, people who anger her (which isn't hard to do)
    Hobbies: Birdwatching...? Maybe?
    World-Hopping and Body-Snatching
    As Nuira no longer possesses a physical body, she moves across the parallel worlds by inhabiting the bodies of Pyranoscope’s Missionaries while they travel in any of the Liminal Rooms. She remains dormant most of the time, allowing the host soul to remain conscious and in control, but her presence greatly suppresses their personality. Nuira can gain the ability to materialize an apparition of her own form by gradually stealing life from her "beloved" host, with her own soul still hidden inside the host’s body. The host will end up dying should Nuira stay too long, but she seldom departs early since it requires her to escape the present world and hijack a passing Room, where she must inhabit an entirely new traveler altogether. Despite what it entails, she chooses to use up her "beloved" until the bitter end, just so she doesn’t have to leave any unfinished business behind.
  • [​IMG]


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