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Paddy Darnell

CP Luts Delf
Head Sculpt:
Beauty White
CP Luts Type 3
  • Face-up artist(s):
  • Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Type: CP LUTS Breakaway
    Name: (Detective Sergeant) Paddy Darnell
    Nickname(s): -
    Age: 34
    Birthdate: September 4th
    Nationality/Species: British
    Favourite colours: Red
    Skin: Beauty White
    Hair: Black with a white streak
    Eyes: Left: Dark Green Right: Hazel
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Look: -
    Likes: -
    Dislikes: -
    Secrets: -
    Personality: Can seem aloof before you get to know him, but really he's just a bit wary of strangers. Doesn't like to make eye contact with people he doesn't know (unless he has to for work). He has a very dry sense of humour and likes to tease the other members of the Constabulary. He has a short temper, but he keeps it mostly in check. A hard worker.
    Background: Paddy was physically and verbally bullied as a kid. He once attempted suicide, which left a long scar on his left wrist.
    He took up boxing as a way to try and protect himself from the bullies., and became very into the boxing scene, and once he'd left school, he boxed for money, in back alley tournaments. A particularly bad fight left him with an eye injury, causing the damaged iris to turn green. His sight eventually returned to normal, but his iris stayed green.
    One evening, after a match, Paddy got into an argument with another guy from the club, who he wasn't particularly fond of. A fight ensued, and Paddy got so angry that he killed the other man, accidentally. Still blinded by anger, shock and fear, he disposed of the man's body and tried to forget. He quit boxing, and decided to find another way of dealing with scum.
    Travelled to London and worked for a while, eventually getting into police training. Trained as an officer for 2 years, and became a Police Constable, which he stayed as for two more years.
    He then decided to branch out and be a Detective, so did a year as a Trainee Detective Constable at Snow Hill, and then became a Detective Constable. During his time as a DC, he met Ripley who was in-training as a PC, and Ripley's sister Erin, who was a PC.
    He and Erin became close, and were in a relationship for just over a year. They mutually broke up because of Paddy's mental health problems.
    A year later, Paddy was promoted to Detective Sergeant, with Ripley as his partner. They were both transferred to Rutland Police, as well as Erin.
    Paddy has bipolar disorder, suffers from regular migraines - probably due to boxing - and has trouble sleeping. He takes medication to help with these, which keep everything in check.
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