Fairyland - CP
Head Sculpt:
Feeple65 Queen Lora
Feeple65 Boy (non-muscle)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Fairyland Queen Lora default
    Date of acquisition:
    Head April 2013, Body Sept 2018
    Head purchased from Denver Doll Emporium, as Queen Lora full-set, then head was only part kept (and shoes from full-set). First tried on an Ital's Feeple65 boy body I bought the next year. Then, I purchased an additional FP65 boy body on the DoA marketplace from Yufeeling in Sept 2018.
    Reason for choice:
    Gorgeous face-sculpts and body engineering, sculpting lines and function. I am a HUGE fan of Cerberus Project doll designs, so YEAH!
    I found that the Lora face is flexible enough to be both male or female - albeit, a very pretty sort of male. But, hey! Who doesn't love a pretty anime-like bishie?!
    Best Points:
    Gorgeous face!
    Wonderful joint engineering - at first I didn't like the FP65 boys' elbow joints, but then realized they worked in an unexpectedly great way - they can fold pretty far, and lock into position. Very elegant, all 'round.
    Worst Points:
    Does not like standing. I've re-strung the body, definitely more tightly, but it still doesn't want to stand on his own, unless leaning up on a wall, or using a stand.
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  • Eyes:
    Resin eyes made by me (dark purple, pink, sparkle - perfect fit!), and older Makoeyes 16mm
    Monique Gold Cici, 8-9 in ginger brown
    Favourite colours:
    Blues, deep purples, dusty lavenders, dusty pinks, greys, grey-browns, light grey-greens
    Fashion style(s):
    Cozy, easy to move in clothes.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Slouchy hat at times


  • Name story:
    Well... The name just sprang into my mind one day, after I decided to put the Lora head onto a boy body. PAISLEY!
    I know where I picked it up though... That episode in season 5 of Doctor Who, "Victory of the Daleks", in which Amy keeps calling Bracewell "Paisley Boy".
    It just appealed to me somehow, 'cause I've got a weakness for Scottish accents... lolz
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    I don't know much about this guy... He was a whim of a doll, as I owned two Loras - one full doll (girl), and one extra head (long story). I ended up selling one head to my good friend, who put it onto a Luts Delf body (old El), and OMG! I realized it makes such an adorable boy! I also realized after some time that I was not happy with my Lora as a girl, because I didn't love the FP65 girl body's design and size.

    Anyway, Paisley came together by stealing Rome's body (my Feeple65 Ital), and more recently (Sept 2018) got his own.

    Paisley is an enchanted knight. He wonders the realms in search of noble quests... He has attached himself to Marion, as he seems to think of her as a noble quest all on its own... She lets him hang around, 'cause... well... why not? A lady could always use a loyal knight, after all...
    That's all I know, really. :lol:


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