Parker Lane

Head Sculpt:
MYOU 1/3 Boy Body (62cm) 3-part Torso
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    Parker J. Lane

    Age 27 Years
    Favorite Color - Red
    Favorite Animal- Rabbit
    Favorite Snack - Pickles

    Parker is started out pretty young in the business, but was talented enough to swiftly become a well known name. He is also of the type to really enjoy the work, and that matters a lot in the long run. One of the perks of being hired to do the 'dirty work' for a client, is that they're usually the ones footing the bill for his travel, which means he doesn't typically have to worry about expenses AND he gets to see exotic new places. Some less exotic than others, but hey- travel is travel.

    He's not terribly fond of being away from his boyfriend though, especially if a job requires a lot of time and preparation before getting it done, but every once in a while he can coax Remi into coming along as a civilian tourist. Even if that means his litle Artist spends msot of his time in the hotel room rather than out sight-seeing, but as long as Remi was happy, Parker was happy. Even if he did have to foot the bill for boarding their pet rabbit at some fancy-smancy Pet Hotel for the time being.

    Most jobs were rather straightforward, but others were... less so. When an example needed to be made, then Parker was there to do it. Those were his favorite really, getting to be creative and test out a few theories... those were the jobs he looked forward too and took plenty of pictures of because Remi was always needing some reference material for his commission work,

    The really good jobs meant he could take Remi along. Those times were rare and always needed more prepping than the others, but what was better in life then being able to do something he loved, with someone he loved? Even if Remi liked to tease him about being a sell-out, using his talents for money rather then for the artistry itself....

    Like Remi.
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