Patience Meadows

Head Sculpt:
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Reason for choice:
    My first Trinity doll, I just thought she was gorgeous and she reminded me of Catwoman from the comic books, one of my favorite characters.
    Best Points:
    Gorgeous sculpt, fun to sew clothing for
    Worst Points:
    A little hefty and can be hard to pose.
  • Eyes:
    Blue from Dollmore
    Black long wig from unknown maker
    Favourite colours:
    Purple, Black, Silver
    Fashion style(s):
    Lots of black almost goth like, leather jacket, corsets, catsuits, wicked looking attire
    Key fashion accessory:
    Always sporting some kind of choker
    The photos in the images tab is a Maleficient inspired costume that I created for Dollism NY several years ago. I thought Patience would be the perfect model for it as she has a bit of a dark side about her and she loves purple and black. The costume consists of a purple headress with black lace overlay, a ruffled neck collar in the same matching fabric as her pleated gown. A separate black eyelash fabric train is attached by a wide trimmed belt and decorative buckle. The black sleeve gloves with metallic purple ruffling complete the outfit with its dark look.
  • Name story:
    I had a 70cm doll that I named Patience, but I ended up rehoming her, I liked the name so much that I decide it would be perfect for my Trinity, plus the fact that Patience was Halle Berry's name in the movie Catwoman it ended up being a purrfect name for her.
    Character age:
    Late 20's, early 30's
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Patience's sense of adventures sometimes gets her in trouble but that doesn't stop her from prowling the nights looking for some fun. Her best friend is Aurora who is the total opposite in personality which helps keep her grounded. She also has a young charge who was a runaway from the streets named Harmony, she tries to do right by her not wanting the young girl to fall into the same path that she did growing up.
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