Perthanity Rulain

Dream of Doll
Head Sculpt:
Elf Sha
Dream of Idol
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Dream of Doll
    Date of acquisition:
    9/13/2019 (Friday the 13th!)
    Purchased from Lajvio.
    Reason for choice:
    His face and skintone could have jumped out of my brain. He looks exactly like Perthanity.
    Best Points:
    *Smooth poser
    *Rich colour
    *Aesthetically pleasing
    *Light for a 70cm
    *Expressive face
    Worst Points:
    *Slightly tipsy
    *That body is silly-muscular with a baby face
    *Too tall for the character
  • Eyes:
    Unknown DD eyes- 18mm?
    Unknown 9-10 OOAK fiber
    Favourite colours:
    Red, yellow, brown. Warm shades. Purples.
    Fashion style(s):
    Robes and drapery, buckles and harnesses, luminescent fabrics, elegant, sleek

    The occasional suit
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Madness cometh...

    The magus Perthanity Rulain was a fire-specialized sorcerer, dwelling in central Skala. Upon his second year at the spellcasting academy in the capitol city of Lantressre, he encountered fellow students Thaevyn Sinstrike and Ashtoraj 'Ashor' Saline. A fast friendship was formed- all three possessed the Shard ability to visit other worlds in their dreams, and Thaevyn introduced them to Galen Arkenesis, another young magus living on the nearby planet of Achelon. Together the boys grew and matured, assisting one another in their studies, then contract work, and finally by magic as they drifted their separate ways. But they were never far. When Thaevyn and Ashor were tasked with a last-ditch mission- to uproot the Techromancer by sabotage, there was no question. They knew just the people to recruit, and they had every confidence their band of four could meet this challenge with flying colours.

    ...Perthanity and Galen felt otherwise. They thought it prudent to question so sure a success. But their opinions were unimportant; Ashor was a Seer- capable of seeing potential events and timelines- and he predicted safe travels.

    For many miles this was true. But upon the eve of their attack, disaster struck. Ashor was trapped under an enemy vessel, and his mind tapped into by the Techromancer, weaponizing him against the others. Perthanity attempted to retreat within himself to the source of his power for a greater comeback. But instead, his body was left without a mind to control it, manifesting flames into a concentrated explosion that presumably claimed his life. Left alone, Thaevyn was forced to dispatch of Ashor and deal with the Techromancer himself. He succeed, but the cost was bitter- left behind as the sole surviving member of their party, with only Galen in his head to comfort him.

    Perthanity was declared dead, though no remains were found, and his memory was largely buried... until one day, years later, Galen tested a brand-new invention: an arcane portal capable of transporting potential billions of miles. He fired it up... and out fell a bedraggled, wild-eyed elf. He was injured and raving, but Arkenesis took him in. His mind did not improve. Over the years that he stayed, his behavior became more erratic and abusive, and his rants frequent. In a final act of violence, he assaulted Galen unprovoked and disappeared into the night. The attack left behind an incurable magical disease... and a petrifying fear in Arkenesis that one day, the last, mad echoes of Perthanity might return.

    Before his disappearance, Perthanity was a quiet but tight-lipped scholar, known for his sharp tongue and calculating manner. He was reserved and skeptical, but not without humor, and a perfect student. His patience was sufficient even for the rambunctious Thaevyn, and he gave his talents, time, and resources regularly. He was, in short, firm but kind.

    The creature calling itself Perthanity today is a sad farce of that man. Bitter, impatient, prone to uncontrolled outbursts and assault. He'll whisper one moment and scream at the top of his lungs the next. Someone should probably find him...
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