"Pip" [Paget Avaline Edwards]

Head Sculpt:
Tan (Overdyed Dark Tan with New Formula Rit)
New (?) Single Torso Joint Body (she's got the new knee style)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Dyed: Me
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Planetdoll Website
    Reason for choice:
    I got into BJDs through jointed action figures (Volks Neo, Hot Toys, etc.) and Pullips. As a result, I wanted me first BJD to be larger (i.e. easier to make clothing for).

    However, I wanted to start with a less expensive doll, because I wanted to practice adding vitiligo-like patterns on the resin surface (see project journal for Prometheus), so when Planetdoll started their sale, including Riz, who I thought was *very* cute already, I purchased her. It turns out, it is *much* easier to do this with a light resin doll and then dye it darker in select places (so it's probably good I practiced--It turns out Rit had also changed their formulation with more direct dye, and she wouldn't have even have been dark enough without being tan already!).

    After dyeing, I began to like Riz more and think of her as an independent character (I might have to get another Planetdoll in tan for a friend). Pip was the result! She's become my companion to places where I wouldn't normally bring a doll (like college, vacation, etc., because the dye has held up strongly enough I don't worry about chipping). (Her size also makes this perfect!)
    Best Points:
    * space to paint in teeth
    * realism in torso
    * resin takes dye evenly and well
    Worst Points:
    * lacks upper torso joint
    * I'm not a fan of knee and elbow peanuts--I prefer a floating elbow/kneecap, but her elbows and knees are surprisingly flush with the peanut when flexed.
    * Her feet are ok--not particularly detailed (her hands are better)
    I've typed this other places, but Pip has been dyed with brown Rit Dye. It's the new formulation, so the dye didn't take very well, but it is very even (with the exception of her poor hands, which I lost in the pot!).
  • Eyes:
    Currently wearing one original brown eye (14mm; from planetdoll) and one (14mm; "Ice Princess") from CandyKittensEmporium Etsy shop
    Altered Jpopdolls Shelli (brushed) in French Chocolate + Monique Gold Ashley (Bleach Blond)
    Favourite colours:
    Probably terracotta/pumpkin spice because it clashes horribly with her blue eye.
    Fashion style(s):
    Anything comfortable and easy to move in. (Currently she's wearing clothing from off-topic BJDs I no longer have. The "Bearn" shirt is kind of random: I found a patch that was the right size for a shirt, and stitched it on there.)
    Key fashion accessory:
    I'm not sure I'd call her fashionable. Stubborn, maybe. She'll be wearing a cochlear implant on her left ear when I finally get around to making it--possibly with an ipod attachment (implants aren't the best, but they're good enough that she can hear the base and feel the vibration from the metal music she likes to listen to; I like the idea that she looks like an innocent 11 year old, but her musical taste is terrifying)--she's not an attentive listener
    She needs a different brown eye (the one I wanted to use had a smaller pupil, so she's stuck with this one for now). She also needs more shirts.
  • Name story:
    I wanted to call her "Pip," but I hated that she would have a very informal nickname and not a proper name for formal occasions. I liked Paget because it doesn't have a traditional feminine name ending, and because it is a diminutive. (I try to choose less common names because it's weird if I meet someone with the same first name as my doll.) I really wanted to keep with the "E" sound for her middle name, but then her initials would be "PEE," so I went with "Avaline" ("PAE," phew, glad we avoided that).
    Character age:
    11 (terrible tweens)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    In short, that specter of tweenage angst that every adult likes to bring up as an example of why children these days are little monsters? The one you're sure never actually existed because you know when you were that age, the kids weren't that bad? Pip's that girl. She watched that movie, and she's decided it's the preteen manual.

    (The magnitude of the things she does isn't that terrible--it's not like she's killed or maimed anyone, geez--she's just uniquely and meticulously a Machiavellian nightmare. You know, just that. More frustratingly, she's got the "innocent angel routine" down pat.)

    She's less of a fully-formed character with a backstory, and more of a personality. She has no family, universe, etc., and interacts with me (unlike most of my other dolls). We'd get along pretty well, except she's 11, so everything sucks. (She's also young enough that she expresses all my cringey jokes. We'll both regret this when we're older.)

    As you might guess, she's got a bit of an attitude. She's the sort of person that would sob through dinner before she was verbal so no one would make the mistake of waking her for something ever again. As for most things, she got her wish.

    Pip might be only 11, but she had grey hair, natural grey [actually white] hair, since before it was cool. She's totally deaf in her left ear, and has been going grey since birth (we already talked about this: darn forelock), so she's got to be practically an adult, right? This means she can do anything she wants--don't you think?

    She's a bit high strung (see: attitude), 'cause she's got a mutation in her peace. (See, we're punny, Pax3 for Waardenburg's and pax = peace--she cracks herself up.) You just don't get it because you're just not cool enough.
  • [​IMG]

    She's turning into a hipster, with all those filters. Getting her ready for these pictures took hours.

    I have others, but her hair and facial expressions weren't right, so the internet couldn't see those! (Her hair better be right in this one!)


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