Obitsu/Parabox (head); Volks (body)
Head Sculpt:
white (head)/NS (body)
Dollfie Dream II
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Best Points:
    An entrancing face and eyes; a very underrated sculpt imo, since most people seem to get Gretel as a practice head. The DD2 body is beautifully sculpted and an awesome poser.
    Worst Points:
    A slightly squashed profile which limits what angles flatter her in photos, although looks fine in person. I can't help but wonder if something...happened...when this sculpt was being cast in vinyl. :P
  • Eyes:
    Eyeco Platinum 15mm ebony
    silver Volks heat resistant
    Favourite colours:
    bright red, maroon, black
    horns sculpted by me (paperclay attached w magnets; sort of a work in progress still)
  • Name story:
    she is a slightly reinterpreted version of the character Pixie from the Monster Rancher anime, and named accordingly
    Character age:
    unknown (appears 20s)
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Pixie is a monster, created like all monsters to serve humans in various ways; not content to live in subservience, she joined the army of Master Moo and became a general of his army, fighting against human settlements and converting monsters to their cause. However, Moo's motives ultimately were to create oppression of a different kind, so Pixie broke away to find her own path.

    Got punched in the face by a 12-year-old once.
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