Pookishu Chercher

Head Sculpt:
Beauty White
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Fairyland with touchups from Sims
    Date of acquisition:
    November 2012
    He was a Christmas gift and was purchased by my partner from Fairyland.
    Reason for choice:
    My partner and I were introduced to BJDs at an SF convention in Dallas. An online friend, Bakayaronna, had arranged a meet in one of the rooms and we got a chance to get hands on with a bunch of different sizes and makes. I fell in love with the LTF, my partner picked up Onna's Talon, a PP Pukisha...and he moved in her hand. She knew trouble when she saw it, and fell in love. He was my #2 favorite. I loved his wonderfully silly, kitten look, and...Fairyland strikes again, how he posed. I love how he can be carried around in an eyeglasses case. I love (FL strikes again) the variety of hands and feet and the kitty ears and how easy they are to change. Also, the FL easy change faceplates (I like being able to put these two to "bed."
    Best Points:
    Hmmm...listed above. His easy-transport size, his poseability, his variety of easy change hands and feet. The fact I've had him for almost ten years and never had to restring him and he still poses like a champ.
    Worst Points:
    Same as one of his best points! His magnetic hands. They're so tiny and the magnets are so small, he has a tendency to shed them.
    He and Wiishu have a LOT of photostories here on DoA and on my blog.
  • Eyes:
    Default FL purple and (when he pookifies) Ursa Flora lightning eyes
    No fake fur is safe.
    Favourite colours:
    Gold. Not because he wears it, but because it's his primary goal in life. One needs money to rule the universe.
    Fashion style(s):
    Anything...coool. From his tux to his bunny slippers (which he's inclined to wear at the same time.)
    Key fashion accessory:
    Magical Sparkly-spit
  • Name story:
    It sort of...happened. Because he's a pukisha, before he arrived, I referred to him as Pooki (from Garfield) by default. Then, before he arrived, Wiishu's Momma-D (Onna) sent a package to Pukishu Chercher, which is appropriate for Wiishu's little brother. So...Pooki became a nickname for Pukishu.
    Character age:
    Ummm....Old enough to rule the universe?
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Pook is Wiishu's little brother. Sort of. They both live in the Real World and are part of our "family." He arrived and became an instant troublemaker, leading Wiishu a merry chase through the Christmas decorations. During that chase, Wiishu and I discovered his hidden talent of sparklie-spit, which can conjure flying squirrels out of nothing, teleport stuff, blow packages up to get at the good stuff...and he shrunk me once and stuffed me in a lantern. That was a tough one for Wiishu to solve. He's attitude on the halfshell with a hefty dose of insanely cute. Speaking aloud is still a challenge for this future ruler of the universe, but he thinks like an Ivy League graduate.
  • [​IMG]
    In case of broken image
    in case of broken image Leading Wiishu a merry chase.
    In case of broken image Dancing to the pipers at the pub

    In case of broken image Bored in the office

    In case of broken image Fan letter to Shaun White

    In case of broken image Fearless
    In case of broken image Product testing the wedding cake he was charged with protecting.
    In case of broken image (That's my "prison" under him)

    In case of broken image
    In case of broken image
    He has a habit of taking on guys bigger than he is...(Link if image broken)


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