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    He is a BJD fanfiction / fancharacter about a wizard dark elf craracter from the Forgoten Realms.

    The original character from forgottenrealms.wikia

    "Rai-guy (in earlier publications spelled Rai'gy) was a drow high priest of Lolth and a wizard. He was a lieutenant of Bregan D'aerthe.
    Originally from the destroyed House Teyachumet of Ched Nasad, he was high priest of that city until he was ousted in a coup and "rescued" by Bregan D'aerthe."

    "In 1366 DR, together with Kimmuriel Oblodra, another lieutenant of Bregan D'aerthe, Rai-guy betrayed Jarlaxle when Jarlaxle began falling under the influence of the sentient artifact Crenshinibon.
    Rai-guy also desired Crenshinibon for himself. When he finally obtained it, however, he was killed by the red dragon Hephaestus."

    In my version:

    Not long time ago one powerfull changeling wanted to kill Kimmuriel Oblodra and stole his place in the Bregan D'aerthe. The changeling's plan was to destroy Kimmuriel when he was sleeping. But he half woke up in the last moment and teleported away. He used his full power and more. That was too much for him. He wanted to be too far away and he used a new but wery powerfull form. He teleported across dimensions and finally he arrived into our world.

    After Rai'gy find out that Kimmuriel is not the original Kimmuriel he wanted to find him. He searched his friend with many way. He kept it in secret from everybody, it would be too dangerous to talking.
    First he thought that he is a slave inside the Baenre's house... but he was not there. Then he thought he was dead and he communicated with the death souls too, but Kimmuriel was not in the after-life world so he was not dead.
    But Rai'gy didn't give up. He was found a new magical formula. It was very very complicated and many components and power were needed to do it. The formula was very powerfull becouse of the strong magical components and the last component was the red dragon's fire.

    He disapeard from his world and everybody thought that he was dead in the dragonfire, but he just found the real Kimmuriel in our dimension. But our dimension is very poorish from magical components and they can not go back in this hundred years. And unfortunately the magical power gone away from Rai's tattoos.. now he have to wear glasses and sometimes his waist is pain.
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