RQ / Iskariya Pynes

Head Sculpt:
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    7th July 2016
    Direct from Ringdoll
    Reason for choice:
    Looks like my character.
    Best Points:
    Beautiful face and nice, poseable body.
    Worst Points:
    Strung penis keeps getting caught in his trousers.
  • Eyes:
    Eyeco Soft Glass Eyes Fantasy B115 Metallic / 14mm
    Ringdoll Rwigs60-40
    Favourite colours:
    Red, green, brown.
    Fashion style(s):
    Loose, soft clothing with nature themes.
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Iskariya was born and raised on a space station, never setting foot on a planet. He displayed a subdued personality from an early age, along with an aptitude for learning and a preference for spending his time in the large habitat that provided the station's oxygen. It didn't take long for his teachers to realise he had a particular aptitude for plants and turn his education in that direction.

    By his mid teens, Iska was considered one of the finest gardeners in his section of the galaxy, and was given the nickname 'The Rose Queen'. He never worked out why he'd been given the title, with its misleading gender marker, but it was quickly adopted by the other station staff. And it seemed particularly apt when Iska — or RQ, as he had become known by that time — in his early 20s became the first gardener to grow Halfeti roses in space.

    With his growing skill came, it seemed, growing attention. He was only a few days shy of his 25th birthday when armed men burst into the space station, kidnapped him and spirited him away to a station in a far distant part of the known universe, where he was tasked with tending their massive habitat. After the initial shock of his theft, RQ adapted well to his new home. The people were strange and often came to stare at him — and not even shouting would drive them away, he had to wait for boredom and acceptance to do that for him — but the habitat was breathtaking and RQ soon came to view it as, if not exactly home, then at least somewhere he was approaching happy at.

    A view helped along by his growing relationship with the head security officer. Corliss didn't come and stare at him, or only speak to him when he needed plant-related help. He came to speak to RQ, to find out what it was he did and to ask questions that didn't relate to things in pots. It didn't take long for RQ to become smitten, and for their relationship to become physical.

    Which went pear shaped when crewmen began approaching him making lewd comments or, worse, trying to grab for him. Confused and upset he took to hiding, until one of the crew he had a passing acquaintance with showed him a video that had done the rounds on crew personal units: RQ and Corliss.

    It was only shortly after that, that a strange man appeared in the habitat, saying his name was Fayth, that if RQ wanted to be returned home he should follow him, and that he shouldn't trust him — something he certainly had no intention of doing, faced with such a disreputable and irritating (and irritatingly handsome) thief. Although... was it stealing if you allowed yourself to be stolen?

    He certainly found himself wondering that again when, having been returned to his home ship, he was immediately told by his legal guardian and station head that, having been stolen for just over a year, his worth and knowledge may have been compromised and he was to be executed.

    And if it came from Kaedar Pynes, then it wasn't something he could argue with.

    It turned out someone else could though: Fayth, and he did exactly that by promptly stealing RQ again.

    Now they're on the run, and RQ really can't work out why, although he knows he should immediately contact Pynes and give him his location, he just can't bring himself to do it. Fayth is far more adamant than RQ ever expected that it's not normal to agree to die just because he was told to; he can't make Fayth understand. And Fayth's insistence, his sheer determination, is pulling RQ along despite his better judgement.

    Because someone needs to keep Fayth out of trouble. For a man with a smart mouth, he makes some remarkably stupid decisions at times. Is it so bad to try to keep him safe while convincing him to return RQ to his rightful home?

    RQ doesn't think so.

    And there's the small matter of a certain head security officer they seem to have taken prisoner along the way, and the fact that Fayth's ex-boyfriend now has a vial of RQ's blood to experiment on. Something makes him think that the future isn't going to be... well... roses.
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